E E 485 Energy Systems and Conversion (3)

Overview of energy alternatives available, and study of theory of operationand models of major energy conversion devices.  Prerequisite: E E 314 orE E 315;MATH 250  

E E 488 Power Systems Analysis I (3)

Fundamentals, power transformers, transmission lines, power flow, faultcalculations, power system controls.  Prerequisite: E E 387 orE E 485  

E E 489 Power Systems Analysis II (3)

Symmetrical components, unbalanced networks, unsymmetrical faults,unbalanced operation of rotating machines, transient transmission linemodeling, system protection.  Prerequisite: E E 488  

E E 413 Power Electronics (3)

Switch-mode electrical power converters. Electrical characteristics andthermal limits of semiconductor switches.  Prerequisite: E E 310;E E 350 orE E 312 orE E 314 orE E 315  

E E 588 Power System Control and

 Operation (3)

Steady-state and dynamic model of synchronous machines, excitation systems, unit commitment, control of generation, optimal power flow.   Prerequisite: E E 488