Courses I teach fulfill general education requirements in writing and speaking (GWS) and the humanities (GH) or contribute to the Professional Writing Minor.

First-year Composition
  • English 004, Basic Writing
  • English 015, Rhetoric & Composition
  • English 015H, Rhetoric & Composition (honors)
  • English 030, Honors Composition
Disciplinary and Professional Writing
  • English 202C, Technical Writing
  • English 202D, Business Writing
  • English 420, Writing for the Web
  • American Studies 103, American Maculinities
  • American Studies 105, American Popular Culture and Folklife
  • English 184, The Short Story
  • English 231W, American Literature to 1865
Charles T. Butler Teaching and Technology Award (2010)

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Previous Experience
I began teaching college English in 1992; find the full story here.

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