Teaching Experience

Before coming to Penn State Hazleton, I taught university courses in English for sixteen years, from 1992 to 2008.

The Pennsylvania State University, Shenango (2006-2008)
English 004, Basic Writing
English 015, Rhetoric & Composition
English 202C, Technical Writing
English 202D, Business Writing
English 419, Advanced Business Writing

Southeast Missouri State University
English 100, English Composition
English 140, Rhetoric & Composition
English 201, Writing About Literature (gateway for majors; introduced critical theory)
Literature 220, Fiction and the Human Experience
Literature 256, The Variety of Literature
Literature 320, African American Writers
Literature 565, Southern Literature
Literature 621/421, Cross Cultural American Voices
Literature 681, Independent Study (practicum in teaching literature)

The University of Mississippi (1993-2003)
English 101, Freshman Composition (personal writing)
English 102, Freshman Composition (academic writing with research)
English 200, Introduction to Literature
English 206, Major Authors / Masterworks of American Literature
English 223/303, Survey of American Literature to the Civil War (online and FTF)
English 312, The South in Film
English 321, Advanced Composition (online and FTF)
English 368: Survey of Southern Literature
English 466, The Fiction of Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha County (seminar, online and FTF)

The Pennsylvania State University, University Park
English 015, Rhetoric & Composition

(From 1990-1991 I taught Algebra and Algebra II/Trigonometry at St. Peter's Preparatory High School in Jersey City, NJ. I also taught SAT-Math and LSAT preparation courses for The Princeton Review part time from 1990-1992.)

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