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Before I die, people will look back at what we have been doing

in the name of education and say,

"I can't believe we used to do it that way!"


Sound a bit radical? Perhaps it is.

    (Remember, "radical" means "at the root.")

I sincerely believe that gathering students, asking them to sit and listen to someone addressing them as a group, and then to retell what they heard, will seem as silly in the very near future as viewing the earth as flat or the believing the heart to be the center of emotions seems today.

While much of the learning process is still a mystery, we have learned a great deal about how people learn. I believe that we can and will, put that knowledge to work in the next decade or so. This new knowledge of the learning process, the opportunities offered by advanced technologies including MOOCs and digital badges, the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of current practices, and the ever increasing cost of educating "the old way" will converge to stimulate a renaissance of new learning environments and practices. Education will be transformed in my lifetime.

I have chosen my goal carefully. I believe it will happen with or without me, but I'd like to be able to look back in a couple of decades and believe that I helped in some small way.  STEM Scouts, a current passion, has the potential to make a significant contribution to this transformation.


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