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Returned Peace Corps Volunteers:

David & Anna Rain

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Anna and I both served in the Peace Corps in Niger, West Africa, from 1985 to 1987. No, we were not married at that time. We met in Niger. Both of us taught English in secondary schools (education sector). I guess I would have to say the high point was meeting Anna, and a phenomenon worthy of mention is that the Peace Corps is the "developing world's dating service". In our training group, there were four couples that met in Niger and are now married. Has anyone done any research on this? I'd be surprised if it wasn't pretty common. The low point for me was when I got sick with Hepatitis A (practically endemic in Niger) and had to sit out trips to Kenya and Mali because I was too yellow to go.

We have talked with a lot of people about the Peace Corps over the last few years and would be happy to answer any and all queries, preferably through e-mail. Due to our populated family, I am unable to meet and have a beer until at least 1998. But I'd be happy to talk via e-mail.

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The Friends of Niger, an organization of returned Peace Corps Volunteers from Niger, distribute an electronic newsletter called the Camel Express Télématique.

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