From Penn State to the Peace Corps:
Journal of a new Volunteer

Craig Maddox, who originally created this page as a class project, recently was accepted as a Peace Corps volunteer. He will be working on an agro-forestry project in El Salvador. Since many potential volunteers want to know what the application process is like, we thought we'd take advantage of Craig's situation to show by example what the process can be like.

Important! This is not what it is like for everyone. I don't even know if there is such a thing as a "typical" application process. Craig handed in his application in October of 1996, and will leave for training in June of 1997--something like 8 months later. In my case, I filled out the application in January and was on a plane to Africa in May. You never know!

Stay tuned for further developments! We will be tracking Craig through his service, as he sends us back missives from El Salvador.

Andy Jacobson
Last modified: Mon Oct 20 14:06:18 1997