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Returned Peace Corps Volunteers:

Brian & Helen Dempsey

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Helen and I both served as Peace Corps Volunteers in Honduras from 1969 until 1971. We both worked in certification programs for secondary math and science teachers. Helen also worked with CARITAS, emphasizing radio schools and nutrition classes. I also taught chemistry at the university (UNAH) and managed fertilizer plot tests throughout the country. We served in Honduras just after the war with El Salvador and have been back to Central America a few times since - things have changed and they haven't. My brother now lives in Venezuela so we've found other reasons to visit Latin America occasionally over the years.

I am now an Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering at Penn State and my wife, Helen, is a Social Worker with the Philipsburg hospital. We would be happy to talk to any prospective volunteers about our Peace Corps experiences.

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Brian A. Dempsey
Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
The Pennsylvania State University
212 Sackett Building
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 865-1226 (tel)
(814) 863-7304 (fax)

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