Week 14: Readings

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This week, there are 3 papers to read and prepare to discuss. One has no visual analytics, but has the potential for visual analytics to enhance the work. The other are primarily visual analytics papers, with the last being a view of the agenda in 2006 that is worth reflecting on here in 2012.

  • Henry E. Brady and John E. McNulty, 2011. Turning Out to Vote: The Costs of Finding and Getting to the Polling Place. American Political Science Review 105, 115-134. {This paper has no visual analytics methods applies. Your focus in reading it should be on how visual analytics could be applied and what kinds.} Suggested by Molly.
  • Correa, C.D.; Yu-Hsuan Chan; Kwan-Liu Ma; , "A framework for uncertainty-aware visual analytics," Visual Analytics Science and Technology, 2009. VAST 2009. IEEE Symposium on , vol., no., pp.51-58, 12-13 Oct. 2009. {This short paper introduces a visual analytics framework for dealing with uncertainty in large, numerical data sets. The case study on housing data is comparable in some ways to the data in the Brady and McNulty paper on polling places. Thus, one thing to consider is potential applicability of the approach outlined to analyses such as theirs.}   Suggested by Dong.
  • Keim, D.A., Mansmann, F., Schneidewind, J. and Ziegler, H. 2006: Challenges in Visual Data Analysis. Information Visualization, 2006, 9-16. {This short paper outlined a research agenda for visual analytics back in 2006. As the last paper we read collectively for the term, we will use it to reflect on everything you have read and what you all see as challenges that remain from those outlined or new ones that were not articulated then.} Suggested by Muhammed.

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