Week 13 Readings & Media

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This week, there are 2 papers to read and prepare to discuss and one video. The topics are very different, but they have space-time analysis in common.

  • Kwan, M. (2002a). Feminist visualization: re-envisioning GIS as a method in feminist geographic research. Annals of the Association of American Geographers. 92(4): 645-661. {This paper is a representative example of the potential to bridge between some research questions in human geography and those in geovisualization (and visual analytics). Specifically, Kwan explores ways in which GIS (and 3D visualization) can be used to address questions in feminist geographic research.} Suggested by Jenna.
  • Fabrikant, S. I., Rebich-Hespanha, S., Andrienko, N., Andrienko, G., & Montello, D. R. (2008). Novel method to measure inference affordance in static small-multiple map displays representing dynamic processes. The Cartographic Journal, 45(3), 201-215. {This paper offers an interesting mix between a cognitively-oriented strategy for studying how (and how well) different visual display forms work and application of visual analytics to that study. Thus, it builds on the paper Lam, et al paper on evaluation scenarios while also introducing some visual analytics strategies to analyze movement data - eye movements in this case.} Suggested by Jenny.
  • Jo Wood, et al, 2011. giCentre VAST Contest 2011 - Mini Challenge 1 - http://vimeo.com/30781990 Read the 1/2 page intro to Mini Challenge 1: http://hcil.cs.umd.edu/localphp/hcil/vast11/index.php/taskdesc/ {There is no paper to read with this, but a ½ page intro to a challenge task and a video detailing results. The data available was a hypothetical set of twitter data and the challenge was about a disease outbreak. In watching the video, give particular attention to the visual/statistical methods}

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Week 13 Readings & Media
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