Cleaning up your account

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For the first year after you sign up for Amazon Web Services, you have enough free usage to run a small server for a year. In addition, you should have enough credit to do some larger computational usage. However, after a year you will start to be billed for your use of AWS resources. So, you should either cancel your account, or release resources you are not using.

If you are done with AWS for the foreseeable future, then you should cancel your account. To do this, go to this page:

Alternatively, if you want to keep your account, it is wise to release the resources that you are using, so that you are not billed for them. The most important principle to avoid surprises is to examine your account. Go to this URL:, and then click on Account Activity. 

Next, scroll down to the "Details" section, and click on the "plus" symbol next to "Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud". This should show you your usage. 

Next, log back into the AWS console and go the the EC account section, and delete the following resources: Instances, Volumes, and Elastic IPs. This should account for the resources you were encouraged to use in this course. Also, put a reminder in your calendar to delete your account when one year is up. 

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