Week 1-2 Readings

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Week 1: Intro

  • Chapters 1-2 in Keim, D., Kohlhammer, J., Ellis, G. and Mansmann, F., editors 2010: Mastering the Information Age: Solving Problems with Visual Analytics. Goslar, Germany: Eurographics Association.

Week 2: VA & place-linked 'data'

  • Andrienko, G. and Andrienko, N. 2009: Visual Analytics for Geographic Analysis, Exemplified by Different Types of Movement Data. In Cartwright, W., Gartner, G., Meng, L. and Peterson, M.P., editors, Information Fusion and Geographic Information Systems: Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 3-17. {in SpringerLink database through our library}
  • Maciejewski, R., Rudolph, S., Hafen, R., Abusalah, A., Yakout, M., Ouzzani, M., S.Cleveland, W., Grannis, S.J. and Ebert, D.S. 2010: A Visual Analytics Approach to Understanding Spatiotemporal Hotspots. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 16, 205-220. {in IEEE database through our library}
  • Guo, D. and Jin, H. 2011: iRedistrict: Geovisual analytics for redistricting optimization. Journal of Visual Languages & Computing 22, 279-289. {via the ScienceDirect database in our library}
  • Kinnaird, P., Romero, M. and Abowd, G. 2010: Connect 2 congress: visual analytics for civic oversight. Proceedings of the 28th of the international conference extended abstracts on Human factors in computing systems, Atlanta, Georgia, USA: ACM. { in ACM database through our library}

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