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Alan M. MacEachren: Research foci


I'm a geographer by background, but my research covers alot of territory that includes cartography, visualization, visual and spatial cognition, semiotics, usability / cognitive systems engineering, geosemantics / info retrieval, and more. In recent years, these roots have come together in visual analytics and its application to research and practical challenges in crisis management, public health, environmental science, and any other domain in which complex data that includes place references is relevant.

A relatively early "Visual Analytics" paper of mine (about 5 years before the term existed) is:

  • MacEachren, A.M., Wachowicz, M., Edsall, R., Haug, D. and Masters, R. 1999: Constructing knowledge from multivariate spatiotemporal data: integrating geographical visualization with knowledge discovery in database methods. International Journal of Geographical Information Science 13, 311-334.

That paper is targeted at environmental science and draws heavily from Scientific Visualization. A couple more recent VA-focused paper directed at methods of analyzing social data are:

  • Guo, D., Chen, J., MacEachren, A.M. and Liao, K. 2006: A Visualization System for Space-Time and Multivariate Patterns (VIS-STAMP). IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 12, 1461-1474.
  • Weaver, C., Fyfe, D., Robinson, A., Holdsworth, D., Peuquet, D. and MacEachren, A.M. 2007: Visual Analysis of Historic Hotel Visitation Patterns. Information Visualization 6, 89-103.

A paper representative of my recent foray into turning text into geographic information is:

  • Tomaszewski, B., Blanford, J., Ross, K., Pezanowski, S. and MacEachren, A.M. 2011: Supporting geographically-aware web document foraging and sensemaking. Computers Environment and Urban Systems 35, 192-207.

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