The 18th(2002) Award

Award Ceremony
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Address by His Majesty the Emperor
Congratulatory Address
(Prime Minister)
Congratulatory Address
(Minister of Education)
Acceptance Address
(Professor Masatoshi Nei)
Awards the 2002 International Prize for Biology
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Congratulatory Address

Mr. Junichiro Koizumi, Prime Minister
(read by Mr. Teijiro Furukawa, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary)

Distinguished guests, ladies, and gentlemen:

I should like to offer my congratulations on the occasion of this award ceremony for the 18th International Prize for Biology, which is taking place here today in the presence of Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress.

The International Prize for Biology was established in honor of the 60th year of Emperor Showafs reign and to commemorate his long years of biological research. Over the past eighteen years, the prize has earned high acclaim throughout the world as a prestigious award. I would like to express my congratulations to Dr. Masatoshi Nei who is being presented with the prize this year.

I understand that Dr. Nei has contributed immensely to all the biological sciences by laying the theoretical foundations of current molecular evolutionary biology through his original R&D on innovative statistical methods, including a method for estimating the times of species divergence from common ancestors. I should like to express my deepest respect to Dr. Nei for his achievements.

The Government of Japan is now energetically promoting scientific research and development under a national policy to make Japan into ga nation richly endowed in scientific and technological creativityh at the apex of global excellence. Underpinning this effort can be none other than a steady accumulation of scientific research achievements in biology and other fields of scientific inquiry. The promotion of creative and pioneering scientific research is indispensable to opening up new realms of possibility for humankind and creating a foundation for the further advancement of society. To this end, I encourage the scientists present today to persevere in your work and ask for everyonefs understanding of and cooperation in your endeavor to expand the frontiers of human knowledge.

I sincerely hope that the International Prize for Biology will contribute to the further advancement of scientific research in Japan and throughout the world. In closing, I should like to wish you all the best of health.

Thank you.