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Part A. Eukaryotic histone H4 sequences used (protists, plants, fungi and animals)
Part B. Histone-like proteins of Euryarchaeota and eukaryotic histone protein used (Euryarchaeota, H1, H2A, H2B, H3, H4)

Part A

Name of the sequence Accession number Name of the sequence Accession number
Giardia AF139876 Leishmania.1 AF175386
Pyrenomonas X77806 Leishmania.2 Y13915
Phreatamoeba AF140034 Leishmania.3 Y13916
Arabidopsis.I.1* AC007583 Lycopersicon .1 X69179
Arabidopsis.II.1 AC005727 Lycopersicon .2 X69180
Arabidopsis.III.1 AL132960 Pisum U10042
Arabidopsis.III.2 AL162459 Sesbania.1 Z79637
Arabidopsis.III.3 AL133298 Sesbania.2 Z79638
Arabidopsis.V.1 AB015475 Solanum melongena AB018245
Arabidopsis.V.2 AB006705 Triticum.1 M12277
Capsicum AF038387 Triticum.2 X00043
Chlamydomonas.1 L41841 Volvox X06963
Chlamydomonas.2 U16724 Zea.1 M13370
Chlamydomonas.3 U16725 Zea.2 M13377
Chlamydomonas.4 U16825 Zea.3 M36659
Lolium X79715 Zea.4 X84376
Agaricus X94189 Saccharomyces cerevisiae.1 Z71306
Aspergillus nidulans.1 X55549 S.cerevisiae.2 Z35878
A.nidulans.2 X55550 S.cerevisiae.3 X00724
Aspergillus oryzae AB033943 S.cerevisiae.4 X00725
Neurospora X01611 Schizosaccharomyces.1 X05222
Phanerochaete.1 Z15134 Schizosaccharomyces.2 X05223
Phanerochaete.2 Z15135 Schizosaccharomyces.3 X05224
Saccharomyces pastorianus K03154    
Acrolepiopsis X91508 Holothuria Z46226
Acropora.1 L11067 Human.1 M16707
Acropora.2 S67324 Human.2 X60484
Apis X91509 Human.3 X60481
Ascaris Z69289 Human.4 M60749
Asellus AJ238321 Human.5 X60482
Caenorhabditis briggsae.1 G01b4s2 ** Human.6 Z80787
C.briggsae.2  G45o14 Human.7 X67081
C.briggsae.3 G14f21 Human.8 X60486
C.briggsae.4 G41k24 Human.9 X83548
C.briggsae.5 G01b4s3 Human.10 AB000905
Caenorhabditis elegans.I.1* Z81128 Human.11 X60483
C.elegans.II.1 X15634 Lytechinus.1 J01175
C.elegans.II.2 Z83245 Lytechinus.2 X00593
C.elegans.II.3 Z83245 Mouse.1 V00753
C.elegans.II.4 Z83245 Mouse.2 X13236
C.elegans.IV.1 Z68336 Mouse.3 X13235
C.elegans.IV.2  AF047656 Mouse.4 U62672
C.elegans.IV.3  U58750 Paracentrotus.1 M36923
C.elegans.IV.4  Z73102 Paracentrotus.2 Y16588
C.elegans.IV.5  Z82271 Pisaster brevispinus X54112
C.elegans.V.1 Z93388 Pisaster ochraceus X54113
C.elegans.V.2 Z70750 Platynereis X53330
C.elegans.V.3 U64843 Psammechinus M10556
C.elegans.V.4 U64843 Pycnopodia X54114
C.elegans.V.5 U64845 Rat.1 X13554
C.elegans.X.1  U41625 Rat.2 M27433
Chaetopterus AF007904 Solaster X54115
Chironomus.1 X56335 Strongylocentrotus.1 M32426
Chironomus.2 X72803 Strongylocentrotus.2  X06639
Chicken.1 U37576 Strongylocentrotus.3 X03952
Chicken.2 X02218 Strongylocentrotus.4  V01355
Chicken.3 X02218 Strongylocentrotus.5 X06641
Chicken.4 M74533 Tigriopus X52393
Chicken.5 M74534 Tilapia X54078
Chicken.6 U37575 Trichogramma X91515
Chicken.7 U37575 Trout X02916
Cow AF001288 Urechis X58895
Diadromus X91510 Xenopus laevis.1 J00987
Diprion X91513 X.laevis.2  X03017
Drosophila hydei.1 X17072 X.laevis.3  X00224
D.hydei.2 X97436 X.laevis.4 X03017
D.hydei.3 X52576 X.laevis.5 X03018
Drosophila melanogaster.1 X14215 Xenopus borealis J00985
D.melanogaster.2 X97437    

Notes:* Chromosome numbers are specified by Roman numerals;
** Names of the C.briggsae clones correspond to names given by Washington University C.briggsae Genome Sequencing Project (http://www.genome.wustl.edu/gsc/Projects/briggsae.shtml)


Part B

Name of the sequence Accession number Name of the sequence Accession number
Archaeoglobus (hpyA1-1) AAB89751 Pyrococcus abyssi (hpyA1-2) AJ248284
Archaeoglobus (hpyA1-2) AAB90902 Pyrococcus furiosus (hpyA1-1) BAA25805
Methanobacterium (HMtA1) AAB85321 Pyrococcus horikoshii (PHS046) AP000007
Methanobacterium (HMtA2) AAB86168 Pyrococcus horikoshii (PHS051) AP000007
Methanobacterium (HFO2) P48783 Pyrococcus kodakaraensis (HPkA) AB016003
Methanococcus jannaschii (A2) U67536 Thermococcus kodakaraensis (HPkB)  BAA77576
Pyrococcus abyssi (han1) AJ248284 Thermococcus zilligii (han1A) U93078
Histone H1
Arabidopsis CAA44314 Human AAA35944
Drosophila S10096 Yeast P53551
Histone H2A
Arabidopsis AAD25562 Human NP_003507
Drosophila G70700 Yeast AAA66318
Giardia AF139873    
Histone H2B
Arabidopsis CAA73156 Human NP_003509
Drosophila P02283 Yeast NC_001136
Giardia AF139874
Histone H3
Arabidopsis AF370577 Human NP_003520
Drosophila X14215 Yeast NP_009564
Giardia AF139875    
Histone H4
Arabidopsis S06904 Human NP_003529
Drosophila CAA32435 Yeast X00724
Giardia AF139876    

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