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Penn State University, University Park, PA 16802

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My name is Nima Haghpanah. I am an assistant professor of Economics at Penn State University. I am a microeconomic theorist.

My research interests are: Mechanism, contract, and auction design. Price discrimination.

Working Papers

Consumer-Optimal Market Segmentation
(with Ron Siegel)

When Is Pure Bundling Optimal? [Slides]
(with Jason Hartline)
One page abstract in EC 2015 as Reverse Mechanism Design.
Previously titled Multidimensional Virtual Values and Second Degree Price Discrimination.

Full Surplus Extraction from Samples [Slides]
(with Hu Fu, Jason Hartline, and Robert Kleinberg)
One page abstract in EC 2014

Sequential Mechanisms with ex-post Participation Guarantees
(with Itai Ashlagi and Constantinos Daskalakis)
One page abstract in EC 2016

Optimal Multi-Unit Mechanisms with Private Demands
(with Nikhil Devanur and Alex Psomas)
R&R at Games and Economic Behavior
One page abstract in EC 2017
Journal Publications

Efficient Computation of Optimal Auctions via Reduced Forms
(with Saeed Alaei, Hu Fu, Jason Hartline, and Azarakhsh Malekian)
Mathematics of Operations Research (forthcoming)
One page abstract in EC 2012

Revenue Maximization with Non-excludable Goods
(with MohammadHossein Bateni, Balu Sivan, and Morteza Zadimoghaddam)
ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation 2015
Preliminary version in WINE 2013

Optimal Auctions with Positive Network Externalities
(with Nicole Immorlica, Vahab Mirrokni, and Kamesh Munagala)
ACM Transactions on Economics and Computation 2013
One page abstract in EC 2011

Equilibrium Pricing with Positive Externalities
(with Nima Anari, Shayan Ehsani, Mohammad Ghodsi, Nicole Immorlica, Hamid Mahini, and Vahab Mirrokni)
Theoretical Computer Science 2013
Preliminary version WINE 2010
Conference Papers

Exchange Market Mechanisms without Money
(with Zeinab Abbassi and Vahab Mirrokni)
WINE 2015

The Simple Economics of Approximately Optimal Auctions
(with Saeed Alaei, Hu Fu, and Jason Hartline)
FOCS 2013

Optimal Iterative Pricing over Social Networks
(with Hessamedin Akhlaghpour, Mohammad Ghodsi, Hamid Mahini, Vahab Mirrokni, and Afshin Nikzad)
WINE 2010


Optimal Multi-parameter Auction Design
Northwestern University 2014