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Jeffrey J Nucciarone
Senior Research Programmer

214F Computer Bldg.
University Park, PA 16802

Phone: (814) 865-5333
FAX: (814) 863-7049

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What??!! No Java??!!

"Home pages are the pet rock of the 90s. We all have them, we all think they're very cute. But in a few years we're going to look back and be pretty embarrassed." - Tony Shepps

Obligatory picture

a picture of me and my cats This is an older picture of me and my two cats from January 1994. Their names are Sylvester (black American Short Hair) and Popi ( We're not sure if he's a Sealpoint Siamese or a Tonkinese.).

(Click on image to view larger version.)

Sylvester passed away on June 2, 1998.

While we thought he was 11 or 12 years of age, he was probably closer to 15. Sly died of old age. Up until the last month of his life he was as spry as a kitten.

The following is tribute to my departed friend. May he forever roam mice filled fields. Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.....

Popi is still with us but getting old too. We have two other cats who are rather upset that I don't have their pictures up yet.

Grace and Jason's Pet Rock

Grace Maria Nucciarone was born on Friday, Sept. 8, 1995 at 8:04 AM at Centre Community Hospital, State College, PA. She checked in at 8 lbs. 10 ozs. and 20.5 inches in length.

Jason Carmine showed up a few years later on April 18, 200 at 8:00 AM. He checked into this world at 7 lbs. 14 ozs. and 21 inches long.

Corvette Fever

My first mid-life crisis resulted in the purchase of a 1981 Chevy Corvette. Here's a couple of pictures...

Vette Passenger Side View Vette Rear View
Vette Driver Side View Vette Dash View

Outside of the usual oil leaks it ran very well and was in great shape. Too good looking to just sit in the garage all day, I drove it as often as I could. It was especially fun in the warmer weather with the T panels removed.

Unfortunately it was time to say good-bye in 2001 as having 2 kids and a 2 seat car just did not work out. 10 mpg on premium fuel was also getting expensive.

Brief Bio

After receiving my M.S. in Meteorology from Penn State in 1990 I moved to the Washington D.C. suburbs to work for Hughes-STX as a Senior Programmer/Analyst for the Satellite Microwave Data Precipitation Studies task at the Climate and Radiation Branch in the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. As task leader, I provided scientific and computing support on retrieving rain information from microwave radiometers on-board the Nimbus-7 and DMSP series of polar orbiting satellites. I assisted in the development of several versions of the microwave rain rate algorithm and was co-author of several papers on this topic. I also provided support for Global Warming research using microwave data from the Microwave Sounding Unit instrument on board several NOAA polar orbiting satellites.

I returned to Penn State to work as a Research Programmer for the Numerically Intensive Computing Group.

After a reorganization in 2002 the group became the High Performance Computing Group and is part of the new Academic Services and Emerging Technologies unit of Information Technology Services at Penn State.

To steal a paragraph from the HPC Group's mission statement:

The High Performance Computing Group works to empower scholars in their ability to compute and manage data by developing and maintaining several state-of-the-art computational clusters. Staff members provide support and expertise for research using programming languages, numerical libraries, statistical packages (SAS), finite element solvers, and specialized software for computational biology, chemistry, fluid mechanics and other disciplines. The group also provides information and expertise for code optimization and parallelization on various high performance computing machines available at Penn State as well as at major national centers.

Part of what I do at the HPC is to provide support and expertise in the development and optimization of Fortran and C parallel codes on parallel machines such as our big Linux clusters and the IBM SP. I assist PSU faculty and graduate student researchers in the conversion of their serial code to parallel code using parallel libraries such as MPI, PVM, OpenMP, and High Performance Fortran. I also help to optimize code by replacing sometimes inefficient hand-written code with optimized libraries such as IMSL, ESSL, FFTW, ScaLapack, etc. I also explore new hardware and software systems and help to port codes to different CPU architectures.

Misc Stuff

* Look here for a list of my publications.

* Check out the IBM SP2 Users Group Home Page.

How to Contact Me

I can be reached via e-mail: (preferred) or at the telephone number listed at the top of this page. Thanks!!
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