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The Canon Hack Development Kit (CHDK) and the Stereo Data Maker (SDM) are really outstanding packages that can be added to many Canon cameras. To use these two hacks, one must know the firmware model of a given camera. A program like CardTricks can be used for 4gig cards that are FAT formatted. However for cards larger than 4gigs, CardTricks does not work. KAPer and PAPer, Dave Mitchel has released a helper program called ACID. It simplifies the process of getting an SDM or CHDK build for ones Canon camera. Thank you Dave!

AnthSpace Acquires Pocket Weather Meter

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Many Low elevation aerial photography platforms are sensitive to wind conditions. In the case of KAP and fixed wing R/C, this is very much the case. Kites require wind to fly, and lite aircraft are blown about by strong currents. To help quantify flying conditions, I just picked up a Kestrel 4500 Blue Tooth weather meter, belt clip case, and portable vane mount. This should really help quantify wind conditions. Much like a geotagged photograph, I plan on time calibrating the instrument for use with GPS position logging.

KAP/PAP Backpack Packed and Unpacked

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This post illustrates low elevation aerial photographic (LEAP) equipment that I use and how this equipment is packed for portability and safety.

Camera Remote Controllers for aerial photography

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Low altitude small format aerial photography requires some kind of remote shutter release. I'm a user of Canon's, and the G11 is presently the camera I use for aerial work. I am presently aware of three camera controllers that permit shutter and zoom. As I become aware of additional systems, I'll include them here.

The URBI R/C interface with zoom works with a suite of cameras, and even allows zoom with some Canon Powershot cameras.

The gentLED family of products is another possible solution for controlling a camera remotely. I have a gentLED Focus on my DuneCam KAP rig. I like the fact that the gentLED products are so light weight (9g). It looks like the gentLED CHDK2 has zoom capabilities as well, but I've yet to try it out. Both the URBI and the gentLED CHDK2 connect to an r/c receiver.

CAMremote works with several cameras including my G11. CAMremote has a wide range of functions that includes shutter, zoom, shutter speed, and aperture.

Pole Aerial Photography for Structure from Motion

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I am now using pole aerial photography (PAP) for generating structure from motion (SfM) point clouds. My early attempts to use PAP were not successful. I believe this is because the angles between the photographs was too great and thus the images could not be linked and camera orientations could not be solved. Recently, I have begun using the bubble level on the stadia rod and the image collections are solving well.

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