1. Add the new shapefile as a layer in ArcMap.
  2. Set a coordinate system for the shapefile--> double click Layers in the Table of Contents, select the Coordinate System tab, and choose the desired coordinate system. Click Apply.
  3. In the Editor menu--> start editing
  4. Set task in the Editor Toolbar to create new feature. Set target as the newly added layer.
  5. Use the sketch tool to create a new point feature.
  6. Assign coordinates to the new feature-->Double click the feature with the Editor tool to highlight it (the vertex should be green). Right click and scroll down to select properties. Change the x,y coordinates* in properties dialog box.
  7. Alternately, with the feature highlighted, click the properties icon on the Editor Toolbar to open the properties dialog box.
Note: You also can use F6 to assign x,y coordinates immediately after creating the new feature. However, this will create a new, separate feature at the assigned coordinates rather than moving the first feature to its new position. The result is two features, one in the original location where it was created, the other in the location of the assigned coordinates.

  • In UTM northing = y and easting = x