Carhuas 169 image planar KAP panorama displayed in deep zoom

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Dr. Jalh Dulanto recently invited Drs. Nathan Craig and Margaret Brown Vega to visit and photograph some archaeological sites in Paracas where he is starting a new long term project. One of the sites we looked was Carhuas. This site is where the famed Carhuas textiles are thought to have been found. Part of the site is composed of a series of rather unusual linear mounds. This architectural form is poorly documented and not widely reported outside of the immediate region. As part of photographing the site, I constructed a planar panorama. This panorama is displayed below as a Seadragon Deep Zoom image. You'll need the plugin to view it. There  are some other Seadragon Deep Zoom panoramas on this site.

The planar panorama of Carhuas is composed of 169 images that were captured with a Canon S90 camera running the Canon Hack Development Kit (CHDK) Ultra Intervalometer script. The camera was mounted to a GS-1 Gyro Stabilized Ortho-KAP rig, and was lifted by a Becot modified Flow Form 16 kite that was outfitted with two fuzzy tails. The kite was flown on 300lb Dacron line. The wind ranged from 15-21 mph (measured with the new Kestrel 4500 pocket weather meter). To really appreciate the image, I suggest expanding the plugin to full screen.

Small pits are visible throughout the image. These pits are caused by looters. The white colored areas on the left hand side of the image is a shell midden. One can see that a road has been cut through the site, there is also evidence that people drive over the mounds. The site is a favored camping location for summer visitors to the region, Carhuas is a well known beach.

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