Natalie Harp's Sample Projects

ID&D Dreamweaver Snippets

A self-installing Dreamweaver extension I developed to meet the needs of ID&D. Includes snippets of code to be applied to html pages, such as new window scripts and show/hide scripts, an Ajax-like mechanism for revealing hidden content (developed by Nikki Kauffman.) Presented at lightening talk session at Web 2007 with Nikki Kauffman. Example below (Angel 7.1 Styles) illustrates application of show/hide scripts.

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Angel 7.1 Styles

Snapshots of Angel 7.1 styles (themes) I developed to match the look and feel of courseware published by Penn State's World Campus. Style sheets reside on the World Campus server, and were developed prior to the deployment of Angel 7.1. World Campus courses using the Angel 6.3 equivalent style sheets were rolled over to the new ones concurrently with the Angel upgrade in May 2007. Show/hide samples.

ADTED sample style


ECON angel styles


imba angel styles


Sample lesson from ADTED 470. I developed the style sheet applied to content, along with matching Angel style sheet (theme). I also assisted in the development of the video and Flash elements. (Note: Links to Angel elements will not work.)


Sample lesson from ENGL 202D. I worked with the course author, Jeff Pruchnic, to develop this course, including lesson structure, objectives, interactive activities and assessments. (Note: Links to Angel elements will not work.)

"Quality Improvement of Online Learning Programs"

Lesson developed with co-author Maria Marvin. This represents a project we completed for ADTED 531 with Dr. Michael Moore, and my first foray into complete online lesson design! (Note: Links to Angel elements will not work.)

Centre County United Way home page

After taking an ITS extended workshop on CSS layout in late 2006, I applied the knowledge I learned in this redesign of the Centre County United Way Web site. Though never actually deployed, the example shows a complete departure from the table-based layout currently in use at (Though appearances are similar, the page coding is very different.)

Project Management sample

I developed this timeline for the design and implementation of iMBA repeat courses. The spreadsheet is a template that is uploaded into the project management system. Deadlines are generated by the system based on course start dates. (Note: many of the tasks are very World Campus iMBA specific.)

Captivate samples

I developed these Flash movies using Adobe Captivate and using storyboards provided by Lynne Johnson. I created them specifically for the student orientation to Penn State's iMBA program.