More Nigelisms


Thanks to Paul Siegel for these, which were taken from a grad class in 2009.

Student: "Is there any extra credit for that?"

Nigel: "Yes,  a beer.  That's the credit that really matters."

"What else did Cesaro do with his life? Nothing!  And yet he's still famous - that's how important this stuff is."

"I've only read 10% of [Dirac's Principles of Quantum Mechanics]; if I read the whole thing I'd probably give up and become a poet."

"The particle might be a really big particle, such as the earth."

"We will conduct that negotiation shortly, and I will shove an answer down your throats.  It will be that kind of negotiation."

"50 years after his greatest hit, Stone was still chugging along.  I met him Philadelphia, where he was attending a meeting of the American Academy of Old People."

"I don't propose to do that unless you point a gun at my head.  Any other questions?  Any weapons?"

"What we really need to know is that each representation over here induces a covariant representation over there.  And that there is no class on Friday."

"Any questions?  Good.  In fact, I insist that everyone accept this as a simple and natural construction - we have to get serious in American education if we are to catch up with those Canadians.

"Fell's trick is very sexy... unlike Fell himself who was definitely not sexy."

"Haagerup is a serious, hard analyst; if you give him an inequality and it's true, he'll prove it."

About purely infinite C* algebras:  "It's like in Greek mythology where you're fighting a huge beast, you chop it in half, and each half is just as fearsome as the original beast.  That means you're in an infinite amount of trouble."