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So what is this? A clawed demon? A strange totem? A Miró harlequin? A Klee fantasy?
More mathematical than that. And, no, not Mondrian. More like Sir Isaac Newton.
The image is a mathematical object called a fractal.
And, believe it or not, it has a connection to the study of acoustics.
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I am a Research Engineer at Penn State's Applied Research Laboratory working in the Undersea Weapons Office. In 1998, I received a Ph.D from Penn State's Graduate Program in Acoustics. My research interests have included underwater acoustic propagation, the parabolic wave equation, and classical, quantum and ray chaos. Abstracts of some of my publications can be found here.

As for my family, my wife Vicky and I live in State College, PA. Our two kids, Andy and Christina, are world travelers with a pied-à-terre in State College.

As for me, I like literature, music (I am an occasional second tenor with the State College Choral Society), art, history, language, games, sports (I am a member of the Nittany Valley Running Club and the Old Fartleks cross-country team), and standing outside in the cold in order to try to capture one of nature's wonders on film. My wife and I dabble in Polish cooking, especially around the Holidays. I co-authored a now dormant but still-available web log, Mazurland Blog, with my two brothers, Chris and Paul, and youngster Ben and salty dog Hank.

For those who took the Underwater Acoustics Course in 2012:

Here are updated versions of the class slides:

For those who took the seminars on beamforming and detection theory in Dr. Culver's graduate class, here are the notes:

Beamforming Notes.
Detection Theory Notes.

Here's how I can be reached:

Martin A. Mazur
The Applied Research Laboratory
The Pennsylvania State University
P.O. Box 30
State College, Pennsylvania 16804
Phone: (814) 863-4782
Fax: (814) 863-7843

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