Madian Khabsa

I have recently graduated and joined Microsoft Research

I am a PhD candidate (A.B.D) in Computer Science & Engineering at Penn State where I am advised by Professor C. Lee Giles. I am part of the The Intelligent Information Systems Research Laboratory . My research interests are in data science, big data, information retrieval and extraction, applied machine learning, and data mining. I also enjoy building and contributing to large scale systems on both architectuaral and algorithmic side. During my time at Penn State I have made contributions to CiteSeerX , and ChemXSeer . I have created the new ChemXSeer Tagger , an information extractor that identifies chemical formulae and names in text. I am also the creator of AckSeer, a search engine and repository for acknowledgments in scientific documents. It indexes the organizations and persons acknowledged within papers in the CiteSeerX repository. I have also created YouSeer , an open source search engine building framework.
Last summer I was a data science fellow at the Eric &Wendy Schmidt Data Science for Social Good Fellowship where we used machine learning to automatically extract earmarks from congressional bills. Before that I interned in the data analytics group at QCRI. And before that I spent two summers at Microsoft.


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Office: 310 IST Building, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA 16802
Email: first name [at] psu [dot] edu