Madhav Jha

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I am a PhD student in Department of Computer Science at Penn State University. I am part of theory group here and my advisor is Prof. Sofya Raskhodnikova.

My interest lies in the areas of 
Randomized Algorithms, Sublinear Algorithms (in particular, Property Testing and Reconstruction), Complexity Theory and Data Privacy.

Here at Penn State, I spent my first semester working on an exciting research project with Prof. Swarat Chaudhuri before falling under the spell of topics in theoretical computer science and moving to Theory group. Amongst other things, I strongly hold this talk by Prof. Avi Wigderson responsible for this.

Prior to this, I did my undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Engineering department from Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, India under the supervision of Prof. K.K. Shukla in 2008.