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As a native of Osceola Mills, Pa., I grew up in the heart of the coal stripping country portrayed on these pages. I took most of these pictures while I was in high school and college. Visiting a stripping back then was usually not a challenge, especially in the evenings or on weekends, when few bosses were around. In fact, dragline crews and dozer men often were glad to have the company. These were back in the days before the constraints posed by OSHA and DEP bureaucracies, liability suits run amok, and bogus environmentalism. Now, what few strippings remain are practically out of bounds for visitors. I do not intend these coal stripping web pages to be in any way a definitive documentation of mining in Clearfield and Centre counties. Nor do I claim to have included all the Pages then at work (1968-72) in these counties, although the chances are at least fair that I did. Finally, since the information that accompanies the photos is recalled mostly from memory, I cannot guarantee its accuracy. If you spot any errors, or can help identify specific dragline models, please contact me:
Dedicated to the memory of my friend Dennis Gura (1950-72). We shared an appreciation for coal mining, its people, and equipment.