The Post-Dragline Era

These photos show strip-mining in the post-dragline era in central Pennsylvania. The location is River Hill’s operation near Karthaus but the pictures typify the way coal is mined today at many other strippings in Clearfield and Centre counties. Left, a wheel loader works on the deepest coal of the several seams being uncovered. Above, a Cat 5130 hoe uses its 13-yd. bucket to load overburden into 85-ton off-road haulers. The hoe's narrow crawlers are suitable for hard rock but not the kind of soft earth that draglines sometimes must work on.

At right, are these the Bobbsey Twins visiting River Hill’s parked dragline, or security guards protecting it? You decide. This is the former Hoffman Page. Note the rusting archless bucket. The dragline was put back into operation in 2002 under still another owner, but a year later was again parked.

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