Simca Marion 7400 Dragline

Simca Mining's Marion 7400 was, to the best of my knowledge, the only officially "named" walking dragline working in Clearfield or Centre counties circa 1970. "Big Joe" (see top of gantry) also was one of only two electrically powered drags. Carlin's 7400 was the only other. (Benjamin Coal Co. at that time had at least two diesel-powered 7400's.) I offer three views of Big Joe on this page, taken at the stripping near Glen Richey in the summer of 1969.
Watching an electric at work was an odd experience for anyone used to the raucousness of a diesel-powered dragline. No sound except the soft hum of blowers inside, and, outside, the clank of the bucket and the whoosh of sliding rock and dirt. Below, the operator's view from Big Joe. Note the little B-E shovel for loading the coal into trucks, and at the end of the cut, a small wheel loader. Either machine might be used to clean the coal.

A Bucyrus-Erie walking dragline

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