Rate My Professor

Rate My Professor

So now that you've made the transition to University Park you probably realize there are a magnitude of activities competing for your time. You'll soon realize that time is a valuable resource which seems like you can never get enough of. Some, if not all professors feel like you should be devoting all that free time to their class. You also probably notice that there are people from every area of the world attending class here.  What does this have to do with an online resource you ask? The answer is this website can simply save you some time and hassle if you use it to schedule your classes. Here you will be able to determine which professors have been labeled by students as a hard grader, not easy to understand (language is barrier which can lead to frustration in the pursuit of an education), or difficult to talk to. By having some idea of what your professor is like before scheduling your class, you are better preparing yourself for the journey you will take with them on your educational experience. Please remember to "pay it forward" and rate your professors after you've taken their course. This will help all those who follow in your footsteps.



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