Mohamed Nafea


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Welcome to my page!

Senior PhD Candidate in Electrical Engineering at Penn State

Member of WCAN Lab, supervised by Prof. Aylin Yener

My Research interests include:

   - Physical Layer Security         - Network Information Theory

   - Wireless Communications      - Model Theory and Large Graphs

   - Large-scale Networks            - Statistical Learning



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Mathematics Masters paper



03/18: My paper "A New Wiretap Channel Model and its Strong Secrecy Capacity" is published in IEEE Trans. on Info. Theory

01/18: My paper on Generalizing Multiple Acccess Wiretap and Wiretap II Models is submitted to IEEE Trans. on Info. Theory

11/17: My paper "SDOF for the MIMO Wire-tap Channel with a Multi-antenna Cooperative Jammer." is published in IEEE Trans. on Info. Theory

09/17-12/17: I have been visiting Information Systems Lab at Stanford University

08/17: I recieved my M.A. degree in Mathematics from Math Department at PennState

Contact Information

The Pennsylvania State University

13C Electrical Engineering West

University Park, PA 16801

Email: mnafea at psu dot edu