Memorandum for Resumes and Cover Letters


To: Kristin Shimmin

From: Michael Butera

Subject: Cover Memo for Resumes and Cover Letters

Date: 26 February 2009




The purpose of this memo is to analyze two separate job applications and explain how I adapted my cover letters and resumes for each position.




I analyzed the two job applications, my resumes and cover letters. Boeing has a specific application process for the resumes so I explained the audience and how of the process is developed. I then listed the job descriptions of the two applications. I explained that I had to alter my resumes and cover letters to appeal to the job descriptions through rhetorical analysis.



The following is a discussion of two job applications from the Boeing Company for internship and entry-level positions. Boeing is a prominent aerospace company that is the largest manufacturer of commercial and military planes. The company is so large that it uses a computer to sort through the resumes using various keyword searches. For example, the internship position deals with fluid dynamics and heat transfer so a computer will search for those specific words in resumes. Also, the computer will look specifically at GPAs to decide if the resume will be kept for further review or dropped from consideration. If my application passes the computer process it will reach the hands of a Boeing employer; most likely someone in human resources. 


Internship Description

The internship position calls for an applicant who will analyze and test engine and fuel systems of commercial airliners in Everett, Washington. The application recommends a current knowledge of fluid dynamics, heat transfer, thermodynamics and mechanical design. The intern will be under close supervision by experienced engineers while on the job. A key characteristic that the potential employee must exhibit is the ability to manage time and project goals while working cooperatively in a group environment.


Entry-Level Description

The entry-level position desires an engineer to perform limited structure analysis using tools to validate and verify systems and components. The job is located in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania. The position describes both technical and communicative characteristics that are ideal of the applicant. The technical skills require the ability to collect, organize, and analyze data and create technical reports. The applicant should be able to work in team environment effectively and have good time management through careful decision-making. Moreover, since the position is entry level minimum experience is zero years and the applicant has to have at least a Bachelor's of Science in engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics or chemistry.





Rhetorical Analysis of Resumes and Cover Letters

I tailored my resumes and cover letters so that they included information of the applications. The internship resume includes coursework that I have completed so that the reader can see what knowledge I have acquired. Also, it has both my cumulative and major GPAs. The objective of my resume contains the reason why I want to intern with Boeing using keywords from the application.


The internship cover letter expresses my overall success in my major. Boeing will be looking for college students who are entering his or her junior or senior year so I began the resume with my current college status. Since it's only an internship, past related experience isn't stressed in the job application. The application explicitly wants three sources of information from the applicant: graduation date, major, and GPA. Therefore, my cover letter for the internship is constructed to flaunt my academic success.


The resume for the entry-level position has a slightly different format. I eliminated my school address since I won't be living in State College anymore. I shifted my name and contact information to the left side of the page for better readability. I omitted my relevant coursework and graduation date because they are irrelevant to the position. I included a clear objective that includes keywords from the application to emphasize my desire to work for the company.


My cover letter for the new position is similar to the cover letter for the internship. They both explain my strengths and how I can incorporate them into my job. However, the application for the entry-level position emphasizes teamwork and decision making. Therefore, I added the fact that I coached a youth basketball camp that required teamwork with other coaches to teach the players how to develop skills and teamwork of their own.



Please read this memo in its entirety and evaluate the overall effectiveness my resumes and cover letters have on each job application. You can contact me at


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