Leadership Philosophy

I believe leadership is one of the most difficult and complicated subject matters there are.  So much of leadership is based on understanding circumstances, understanding those around you, and then using that knowledge to develop some type of leadership strategy.  

Leadership can encompass a wide range of skills and characteristics, but below are a few traits that I feel are the most important.

Developing and Maintaining Followers - A man going somewhere with no one following is just a man going out for a walk.  You must be able to get others to follow you to be an effective leader. There are many ways of doing this, help others believe as you do, have others believe you in as a person, have them follow out of fear, etc.  There are lots of reasons for people to follow you, but it is critical to make sure you can get people to follow.

Leading with Integrity - Leadership is often found to be the most lacking in morals or integrity. Leaders often feels the ruled do not apply to them or they are above the rules somehow.  You can clearly see examples of this in our government.  When you lead, you need to lead by example.  You not only have to follow the rules but do it better than everyone else.  Without integrity, I feel leadership is empty and hollow.  Leaders must sett good examples.

Leading for the Future - Often leadership is all about the now,  I know lots of coaches who win the championship one season and then are horrible for the next few years.  True leadership needs to make everyone around them better.  Leadership needs to understand the past, present, and future and continue to build.  We live in a society where everyone is very near sighted.  They only see what is next, not what is down the road.  A good leader needs to have good vision and be able to lead in a way that makes those that they are leading better now AND later.

In conclusion, I feel leadership is very important and very difficult.  To be a truly great leader, you must be aware of yourself, those around you, what you are trying to accomplish, and the road blocks that can get in the way.  Leadership is always changing as the world is always changing and it is important to always be learning and growing as a leader.

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