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Justification: When planning lessons and assessment, it is very important to develop and select appropriate instructional goals and objectives. For every lesson plan I write when preparing to teach, I must think about the goals for the lessons and what objectives I will have for students. When I develop my lessons, I look both at the objectives I have for student learning during the lesson and tie them into Pennsylvania State Standards as well. This example I have chosen clearly shows how I select and develop these goals and objectives, thus fitting perfectly with this indicator.


Here is an example of a written lesson plans that shows goals and objectives I developed for the lesson. 

The plan written was created to teach a shared reading lesson on the book titled, The Best Bug Parade.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes and linked with state standards:

Students will be able to use end papers, illustrations, and charts to understand the story. 

Students will be able to recognize speech balloons and thought bubbles used in the story.

Students will be able to notice word patterns.

PA- Pennsylvania Academic Standards• Subject Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening
• Area 1.1Learning to Read Independently
• Grade 1.1.3  Grade 3

 Standard B.Preview the text formats (e.g., title, headings, chapters and table of contents).
 Standard G.Demonstrate after reading understanding and interpretation of both fiction and nonfiction text. 
· Retell or summarize the major ideas, themes or procedures of the text. 
· Connect the new information or ideas in the text to known information. 
· Clarify ideas and understandings through rereading and discussion. 
· Make responsible assertions about the text by citing evidence from the text.
• Area 1.3Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
• Grade 1.3.3  Grade 3
 Standard F.Read and respond to nonfiction and fiction including poetry and drama.

Here are some of the possible discussion questions students were asked to achieve the written objectives.

What do you think of the end papers in this story? 

   - Which bugs in the end papers compared how big they were? Which compared how long they were?

   - Do you remember which bug in the end papers was first in the parade? Which one was last?

   - Does it look like these bugs are enjoying themselves? How does that help you remember how the story ends?

What do the speech balloons and thought bubbles tell us about the characters in the story?


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