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As I am watching the news what the people of Egypt are saying is that now they are
proud to be an Egyptian. These protesters of  the Mubarak regime are united. Many of 
them are young Egyptians.   Mubarak says now that he will step down but, that is not good
enough for the people of Egypt. They want Mubarak out now. 


This evening the Senate version of the healthcare Bill passed in the House.

Starting tomorrow the Senate will vote to pass the Healthcare Bill.


The United States Senate should be able to pass the bill giving it to the

President to finalize the Bill. The President will then sign this Bill into law.



It's been a long day for the House of Representatives !!  The healthcare bill passes in

the House at 11:35PM Sunday, March 21, 2010.



. . . . . . . . more about New  Year's Day.

     For Catholics January 1 is a holy day. It is the Solemnity of Mary.

Jewish people consider the day holy, and hold a religious ceremony at a meal with special foods.

Hindus of India leave shrines next to their beds, so they can see beautiful objects at the start of the

 new year. Japanese prepare rice cakes at a social event the week before the new year.



Veteran's Day 2009

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I watched  the movie titled, "When Trumpets Fade"  about the Battle of the Huertgen
Forest during, the second world war.  I viewed the movie with  WWII Veteran
Graydon  H. Woods who fought in the Battle of the Huertgen Forrest back in the Fall of 1944.
I learned  much about this battle from Graydon Woods but, I wanted to learn more
about the battle so I  searched for more information on the internet. As a result I found the
article listed below:


After reading an interview with General Gavin in a newspaper, a major who had fought in the Huertgen Forest wrote the general the following letter:

December 26, 1978

Dear General Gavin,

... I was S-3, 2nd. Bn. 121 Inf., 8th. Div., and my outfit was the only one to secure the village of Huertgen, and hold on to it.

Your remark that the generals had no idea of what the men were up against really hit home. It started out with att the making of a debacle. Someone seemed to think this was a Ft. Benning exercise, instead of a penetration of a thickly mined, well fortified, dense forest where you were lucky if you could see twenty feet. Our introduction to this hell hole was to be dumped off our trucks, and before the advance party could do a thing we were to make a "passage of lines" through the holding troops and continue on to attack. It was a mess that took days to straighten out!

To emphasize your point about not knowing what the men were up against !would like to cite one incident that still haunts me. On Thanksgiving day we were not in Huertgen, but still strung out in the dense forest outside the town. Any slight activity brought down a rain of mortars and artillery, and I'm sure you know the devastating effects of tree bursts. I was in theforeward O.P. [command post] when I was informed the cooks would bring up cannisters of a hot turkey dinner and serve it to the men in the lines. I called the Bn. commander and told him that in our present position this would be murder--plain and simple--that as soon as the men got around the cannisters Jerry would turn all hell loose. I was told this was a Regimental order and I got permission to talk to the Regimental commander. I was told this was a Division order and somehow or other talked him into letting me talk to the Division commander. I tried to explain the conditions, and requested a delay of a day or two until we could get out of this position, but was told in no uncertain terms that the men would be fed to-day!

Hindsight says I could have stalled off the dinner and I doubt that the higher echelons would have known about it--but I didn't. Granted that greater control could have been used all down the line... but dangle hot turkey to men in a cold, wet forest, that have had nothing but K rations, and it's not that easy to keep them from bunching.

Jerry turned all hell loose! Branded in my mind is position after position with men torn to shreds around busted up turkey cannisters--as many as ten in one place.

For many, many years after the war I would go to one of my relations for Thanksgiving dinner, and before I could touch a bite I would get up and go to the back yard and cry like a baby, I passed up a helluva lot of turkey dinners.

Don't really know why I have told you this, but somehow it seems to have helped....

Respectfully yours,
Wm. S. Freeman Jr.
Ex-Major, Inf.


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Rep.  Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House:  What a night !!! 

How proud we are to stand here with John Dingel, how proud we were when he

stood at that podium and opened the debate this morning.


Rep. Steny Hoyer:  The American People won today !  This is not about us this is about them !!!

That was this day and this night was about !!!