Matthew Reimherr
Department of Statistics
Penn State University
411 Thomas Building
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 865-2544


    All manuscripts are available upon request.
   Book on Functional Data Analysis

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  3. (with B. Sriperumbudur and B. Taoufik) Optimal Prediction for Additive Function-on-Function Regression. Submitted.
  4. H. Kang, M. Reimherr, M. Shriver, and P. Claes. Manifold Data Analysis with Applications to High-Frequency 3D Imaging. Submitted.
        Fun shiny app summarizing results.
  5. (with W. Chu, R. Li, and J. Liu)  Feature Screening for Generalized Varying Coefficient Mixed-Effect Models with Application to Obesity. Submitted.
  6. (with A. Parodi) FLAME: Simultaneous Variable Selection and Smoothing for Function-on-Scalar Regression. Submitted.
  7. (with X.L. Meng, D.L. Nicolae)   Being an Informed Bayesian: Assessing Prior Informativeness and Prior-Likelihood Conflict. Submitted.
        Discussion on Andrew Gelman's Blog.
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        Winner of the CJS Award for 2009 
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  31. Reviews, Discussions, and Conference Papers

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