6) Fixing the Top Cross

Once the top cross is obtained, it must be properly oriented. Although the cross is complete, the edges may not be on the proper side. For instance, the green/red edge may be on the white side and the green/white edge may be on the red side. Regardless of the orientation, at least two of the edges and sides must line up. Rotate the top of the cube around until at least two of the edges line up with the proper sides. These properly arranged edge pieces will either be on opposite sides of the cube, across from each other on the cube, or they will all be correct. If they are all correct, move on to the next step.


Arrange the cube so that the proper edges are on the front and back of the cube.


R T R' T R T T R'


Now arrange the cube so that the correct edges are on the right and back of the cube


R T R' T R T T R' T


This will ensure that the top cross is oriented properly.  

RC-10.JPGOnce the top cross is properly arranged, it will look like the image above.



backarrow.JPG nextarrow.JPG

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