Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2

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Hi all,

Well, week two of classes is done and it was as interesting as the first one. Monday we went to see The World's End, the third installment in the Cornetto Trilogy (the first two are Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz). The movie was ok, I'm not gonna lie and say it was amazing, mostly because I hardly understood what was going on, but the best part of the experience was the actual theater.

We watched the movie in the Duke of York's Cinema which is the oldest purpose built cinema in Britain. We were given a tour of the cinema and it was truly amazing to see how the cinema had changed from when it first opened in 1910 until today. We even got to go up into the projection room and see their film projector (which they still use) and how the film arrives and is treated before being shown.

Duke of York

Tuesday was a day for presentations which were all about British directors. It was great to see how much information everyone was able to garner about their assigned director and present to the class and it was actually surprising how many more films than I'd ever thought of were considered to be "British".  My own presentation was on Nicolas Roeg, a quite peculiar director with equally peculiar film ideas. I guess what I learned most is that with the world developing as it is, Colin Welland's quote "The British are coming" seems as true as can be.

Wednesday was spent mostly watching the move Brief Encounter, which was an interesting creature in itself, using mostly flashbacks and narration to tell the story. I did not originally think I would like it, but I can honestly see why it's almost always listed as being one of the top ten movies of all time. After we watched the movie we played a funny game where, with the tutor assigning the first sentence we, each in turn, would write a line of dialogue in retort to the one we received, hiding the one we answered to when we passed the paper forward. This exercise created hilarious dialogue and was a great way to figure out new ways to write.

Tomorrow I go into London for another day of adventuring, so I'd best get some rest. Night!

<3 Mei

Streets of London

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HI all,

This weekend was a ton of fun as I explored London, the Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge, and Bath! It was truly an eventful weekend and I can't wait to continue exploring in the 17 days I have left here (I can't believe it's that little).

On Friday and Saturday I went to London and managed to do all of the amazing touristy stuff such as seeing the Changing of the Guard, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, a river cruise, and tons of other great stuff. On Friday it was mostly a sightseeing day, walking around London, making sure I got my picture in a phone booth of course, but it really was all about getting my bearings and figuring out the subway. Saturday was when I had my real fun.

phone booth

On Saturday I went into London with the pure intention of exploring and seeing as much as I could, and I did it all by myself. I started my day off at Madame Tussauds which has always been one of those things I've been dying to do. Apart from the hundreds of people in each room, it was actually a lot of fun, although I did focus mostly on getting pictures of the people I really do wish I could meet. I almost got my picture with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but then I realized I would have needed to pay for the picture, which was followed by the realization that I am not rich, so I thought "better not", so I just snapped their picture.

kate and will

After I had my fun at Madame Tussauds, I did what any other Harry Potter dork would do and I made my way up to King's Cross Station to snap my pic at the amazing Platform 9 ¾! The line was kind of long, but putting on my house scarf (RAVENCLAW!!) and pushing my cart through the magical barrier was one of the funnest things I could have done that day! After I had my fun I made my way down to the London Eye with the intention of having a go at it, but available times were not in my favor so I decided to postpone it for my next trip in to London.

Platform nine and three quarters

After I wallowed in sadness for a bit I decided to make myself over to the Tower of London, a 2.5 mile walk which I severely misjudged. I walked along the Thames and crossed on the Millennium Bridge, which my Harry Potter geekness identified as the bridge the death eaters destroyed in Harry Potter, and then kept walking to the Tower of London. Once I arrived I was told I was too late to enter for a proper tour, so I sat myself down looking at the Tower Bridge and just read for a bit until it was time to head back to the train station.

Millenium Bridge

Sunday was a day of fun as well when I visited the Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge, and the town of Bath. The day was long, but I got to see so many more iconic sights that I could not help but conclude that three straight days of 7am-11pm were not a bad idea at all. Stonehenge was pretty cool for a pile of rocks, but Bath truly was the most amazing thing I did that day. I went in to the Roman Baths and saw the hot springs that were built during Roman Times, and let me tell you, they are AMAZING! It is so hard to picture such architectural wonders as Stonehenge and the Roman Baths being built without the modern technology we rely on so much!


After the Roman Baths I had a spot of lunch and then followed the tour guide on a walking tour of Bath which was as impressive as I thought it'd be. The other cool thing about Bath was that it is where Javert's Suicide was filmed for the movie version of Les Miserables! It was so cool to see it and just picture the scene in the musical which I will be watching on Thursday!

Javert's Bridge

I'm so excited for my last few weeks here in England and, although I'm excited to go home and see my friends, I don't really want the day to come where I have to pack up here and leave to go back! Oh well, no sense in worrying about it now, it's time to do homework again.

<3 Mei

Brave Sir Robin

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Hi all,

I have finished week one of my new course for the summer which is British Film. This course seems like it will have a decent amount of work behind it, but it's also proving to be a fun course already. My tutor's name is Faynia Williams, which when googled produces an IMDB page which details that she attended the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (a very well-known school) and is mainly known for directing. When talking to one of my friends who took class with her in the first session, I also found out that she knows most everyone who is anyone in acting including Christopher Walken, Alan Rickman (SNAPE!), and get this, Orlando Bloom! I am so in awe of this woman it's not even funny.

The first day of class was mostly a get to know you day and we played one of the "name learning" games that I have hated since the 7th grade when my theater teacher forced me to play for the first time. After the "game" we went over the syllabus and even watched a brief video. All in all this first class was fairly boring and not as interesting as I thought, the second class though was AMAZING.

For the second class, which met yesterday, we were told we were going to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail which I had never seen (yes, I know, how dare I...shush). When we arrived in class we had a special guest for the day: Carol Cleveland. For those of you who don't recognize the name she is generally known as "The Python Girl" or "The Seventh Python". If you have seen the movie you also know her as Zoot or Dingo. She was in our class for the day, watching the movie with us, and she gave us such an amazing insight into the world of Monty Python, even showing us behind the scenes pictures and telling us hilarious behind the scenes stories. I was so star struck and I couldn't believe that she was so sweet and so nice that she let each and every one of us take a picture with her!

Carol Cleveland.jpg

I had such an amazing time in this class in just one week and I can't wait to see what else this class is going to have in store for us!

<3 Mei

La Marseillaise

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Hi all,

This weekend was magical to say the very least! I just came back from spending 2 gorgeous days in Paris, la ville de l'amour, exploring and doing all those cliché tourist things that must be done. We left Friday night on a coach that drove us to Folkestone, Kent where the coach was loaded on a train (it was pretty awesome to watch) and then the train took us under the English Channel, through the Euro Tunnel, to Calais. From Calais we drove to Paris, arriving early in the morning and rested enough to start a day of fun.

The first thing we did was eat breakfast at an unbearably overpriced café (the meal was set up by the tour though not included) for which I think we paid for the gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower more so than the actual meal. After breakfast we began walking around Paris, taking a ride on the underground, then taking a bus and then finally walking to our first destination: Notre Dame. Now I had seen pictures of this magnificent church, but I was astounded at the true grandeur that was the church. I was amazed at the intricacies of the archways and doors, but once I set foot inside and got a good glimpse of the stained glass windows and the sculptures in the alcoves I was absolutely floored. I have been to many churches in my travels but this one, so ingrained in my mind from a young age as an icon, truly left me feeling amazed.

Thumbnail image for Notre Dame

After we visited the Notre Dame we also ventured around and visited some of the bridges of Paris, the Love Lock Bridge being my favorite. The scenery around this bridge was picturesque to say the least, but the truly heartwarming thing was to see so many locks representing so many loves and seeing people add to it. It seemed like such a sweet token of everlasting love that I could not help but hope that someday I'd find someone who would go with me to the bridge and leave our own lock on the bridge. After we visited some bridges we made our way over to the Louvre were I did get to see some amazing pieces of art, my tourist self obviously making a mad dash for the Mona Lisa.

Love Lock Bridge

We did not stay long at the Louvre, but we did make our way around Paris for a bit. I did get to continue to live out my dork dream and I visited the Academie Nationale de Musique, also known as the opera house that inspired the Opera Populaire from Phantom of the Opera! I am such a dork and I took ten billion pictures, listening to the songs of the musical floating through my head. After walking around all over we made our way over to the landmark everyone must visit: The Eiffel Tower. We sat under the Tower for a good hour and a half, just soaking in the fact that yes, we were in Paris, and yes, we were sitting under the Eiffel Tower. After we sat there for a while we took some dorky pictures and then went on a river cruise.

Me and the Eiffel Tower

The next day was as magical as the last. We visited Versailles, which was ten times more awe-inspiring than I could have ever imagined. The gates were plated with gold, the gardens smelled amazing, and the musical fountains were a sight to stop your heart. I had a great time in Versailles, but I really did get excited to visit the bohemian center of Paris, Montmartre! In this area I got to see the Sacre Coeur and do some gift shopping, but the highlight of this visit, although short lived, was another example of my dorkiness. I got to see the Moulin Rouge! It was so cool because Moulin Rouge is yet another favorite movie/musical and being able to see the inspiration behind it was just so cool!

The Moulin Rouge

I did so much cool stuff while I was in Paris, and this was only just a taste, but I hope it's a good taste of the beautiful things that you can find around the world. If you want to see some more pictures click HERE.

<3 Mei

The Phantom of the Opera

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Hi all,

The longer I'm here in England the more of my geek dreams end up coming true. Now, you all already know I'm a huge Harry Potter geek, but I am also a musical theater dork. I love the idea of using acting and singing to tell wondrous stories and I wish I could do this. I think my plight is best described by the character Justin in the movie Pitch Perfect when he uttered this sentence: "If I could sing a lick, in any human way possible, I would. But I can't. And I hate myself every day because of it!"

Now that my love of musical theater, and the fact that I can't sing, has been established I can tell you why I brought it up. Yesterday I got to go to London's West End and watch Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theater in London which is where it all started in 1986. Now, I have seen the show on Broadway, in fact I went the summer after my freshman year with my best friend, so I knew what to generally expect, but there is something entirely different about watching a show on the stage it was first performed on.

Phantom of the Opera

Although my seat was not that great at all (sitting under the overhang in a performance of Phantom is truly a hindrance) I did fall in love with the theater as quickly as I fell in love with it in New York.  The main cast was the one announced on the permanent sign outside and not understudies, which was different for me since every show I've seen has had at least one, equally amazing, understudy in a lead role.  The cast was in a word sublime and Christine, played by Sofia Escobar, was particularly amazing! I have hear the songs over and over, seen the movie, the 25th anniversary production, and the Broadway show, but the way this woman was reaching the high notes left goose bumps on my skin.

Phantom Sign

I cannot believe I had this opportunity, and now I am desperately searching for more opportunities to see shows like this while I am still here! As I keep checking my geek dreams off my bucket list I cannot believe how much I've been able to do here in England and I can't wait to see what other sorts of mischief I get up to!

Time to get ready for Paris this weekend :D
<3 Mei

O Flower of Scotland

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Hi all,

I had an amazing time this past weekend when I visited Scotland :D I really loved it there and it was absolutely gorgeous! During this trip I visited Edinburgh, York, and I took a tour of the Highlands. Edinburgh was as amazing as my friends said it'd be, York was enchanting, but the Highlands were simply magical.

I left Sussex at about 9:30pm on Friday and, by the time we made all the stops to pick up other participants, we arrived in Edinburgh at 8am. We spent the day walking around and exploring as much as possible, I even managed to get my dad and brothers presents for the trip. While walking around I also got to visit Holyrood House which is the Queen's residence in Scotland, but it was also where Mary Queen of Scots live, and she is definitely one of my favorite royals. After all the exploring, and the uncomfortable ride up, my friend and I decided that an early night was in order.

edinburgh background

On Sunday we went on the Highlands tour and like I said, it was magical. One of our first stops was actually the Braveheart monument which was an interesting experience. The reason it was interesting is because the monument sits on top of a mountain, which I didn't know, this means that in order to get there you have to hike up, which I also did not know. What this meant for me is that I had to hike up a mountain completely unprepared and also, we had to be up and back in 30 minutes; I think I actually laughed out loud in disbelief when our tour guide said that. But no worries, my lazy bum actually made it up and got some amazing pictures, I even declared the hike my exercise for the year!

braveheart monument

After the monument we got back on the coach and made our further up into the Highlands stopping briefly to meet Hamish the Highland Cow. He is so cute and literally 2 months younger than me....which is impressive considering he's a cow and I'm a 20 year old human. After meeting Hamish we ended up at Loch Katrine which was as picturesque a lake as you can get. I remember walking along the pathway that surrounds it thinking "can this even be real". The mountains were so close and the lake so blue that it truly looked like a perfect painting. After we visited Loch Katrine we visited another small town for lunch and another Loch though this one, due to the fact that it was essentially a public beach, did not look as much a painting, though it still was lovely.

Loch Katrine

Monday was our last day on the tour and we made two stops that day before returning to Brighton. The first stop was the Scotland-England border which was just a fun place to stop. They have a bagpiper who plays on either side of the highway and when he sees a group on the other side he drives over to pose for pictures. The next stop we made was York which was just stunning with its Tudor era buildings. After walking around a bit and stopping for some food I really didn't want to leave, though it did feel good to know that I was coming back to my nice little bed in Sussex.

This adventure was so truly amazing and I am so blessed to have had this opportunity. Next weekend: Paris! I'm so excited

<3 Mei

Click HERE if you want to see some more pictures of my trip to Scotland


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Hi all,

So this past week was actually pretty uneventful. I went to class, I worked on my final presentation, and I worked on my paper. I did go into Brighton for a bit, exploring the Laines some more as well as walking along the pier, but honestly there were only two notable events this week.

The first event was the Pub Quiz I participated in on Wednesday. Lucky for me, IT WAS HARRY POTTER THEMED! This meant I actually stood a chance. Another reason I stood a chance was that we were in teams of six, and my team had this one girl who I can safely say is a bigger Harry Potter freak than I am. The way it worked was they gave us these sheets of paper with blanks on them and as the questions were asked we wrote our answers down and then we swapped papers with another team and tallied answers. For about an hour and half we did this, and my team seemed to be doing very well, we actually only got two questions wrong the entire quiz! My team did end up winning and for our efforts we got a TON of Harry Potter candy, of which I got to keep a dark chocolate (my favorite kind) Chocolate Wand and a Blood Pop.

Yesterday night I got another great experience when I went to Komedia, which is a comedy club here in Brighton. The group we went to see was "The Noise Next Door" and they were honestly hilarious.  I had YouTube'd them to see how funny they were and, as I realized they were a Who's Line style group, I got high expectations of what I was going to see. They did not disappoint at all, in fact I don't think there was anything that wasn't funny! After the show was done, as I was heading out, I saw a couple of the group members hanging out by the bar and I went up to talk to them and they were also extremely sweet and humble. One of them reminded me a lot of one of my friends back home and I couldn't resist pointing it out to the group member.  After a few minutes of conversation I had to bow out and came back to the school for a good night's rest.

Today was boring, yet exciting as well. It was boring because I really didn't do anything interesting, but it's been exciting because I am going to Scotland for the weekend and I leave tonight! I am so excited to see the Scottish Highlands and see Edinburgh! I hope to have amazing stories for you guys when I come back!

<3 Mei


A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes

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Hi all,

It has definitely been a great weekend here in England (so far). Today I walked around Brighton a little more, this time exploring the North Laines, and I managed to find some cute souvenirs for some great people. I had never seen the Laines so lively, so it was great to be able to walk around the different shops and I even managed to settle on my idea for my door tags this year! I really hope my residents appreciate them because the idea won't be an easy one to execute but I know I'll love it and I hope they will to!

Although today was a lot of fun, the real reason I have been on cloud nine this weekend is the fact that I lived out my geek dream this weekend. I WENT ON A TOUR OF THE HARRY POTTER STUDIOS! Now, I know I am a class-A dork and that I am 20 and should not be this hung up on Harry Potter, but I am, so yesterday was truly a dream come true.

The day's entertainments started out early with our bus. The bus they chartered for us was a purple double-decker bus, which my geek self couldn't help but correlate to the purple triple-decker in the Harry Potter world: the Knight Bus. The trip up was actually quite boring and, due to interminable traffic, we were actually running a little behind schedule (thought they did plan some buffer time so it was ok). Once we got there though, I couldn't help but start bouncing up and down as we walked through the doors of the studio and into the magical world of Harry Potter.

Studio Entrance

I honestly cannot begin to describe EVERYTHING I saw and did, because if I did I would write a novel, but there were certain highlights (as there always are). The first set we walked on to was the Great Hall, and as we walked through those enormous double doors I'd come to love, I could not help but feel like my 9 year old self reading this new series my grandmother had given me. I walked through those doors with the look of a completely awed idiot on my face, but I couldn't have been happier because I was finally seeing this vision that had been dancing through my head for years. I was finally walking down that long room and seeing Dumbledore at the front...well his costume at least.

The next thing I got to do was ride a broomstick while wearing a real Gryffindor robe! I truly would have preferred Ravenclaw, since it is the house my geek self identifies with, but in a pinch Gryffindor is always a better choice than Slytherin. It was so much fun to sit on the broom in the green screen cubicle, wind blowing in my face, and all the while I see myself on a little screen, looking much like a five year old who got told they can have dessert before dinner! I so wanted to get the video they take of you, but it was a harsh £20 and with the impending purchase of my first ever wand I knew I had to behave.  It is due to this behaving behavior that I did settle for the picture below! LOOK I'M ON A FLYING BROOM!

I'm on a broom

I also got the opportunity to walk through Diagon Alley which was so awesome! I couldn't believe that I was finally standing on this set I had seen thousands of times in the movies and in my head. Everything was so incredibly intricate and there were details you wouldn't even think to look for!

Diagon Alley

After the Diagon Alley set I also go to view the scale model of Hogwarts Castle which was even more intricate than the Diagon Alley set. Every single nook and cranny at Hogwarts was on that set and it was so huge that it was in a room all on its own with a winding ramp where you could see every angle of the castle. I have to say that this was one of the best parts for sure because it was definitely a great way to wrap up the tour.

Hogwarts Castle

Souvenirs were not forgotten at all, and I managed to get everything I declared I "needed" to buy when I did the tour.  I bought the official guide book (because yes), a Ravenclaw pin (because why not), a Chocolate Frog (I got the Rowena Ravenclaw card...it's fate), and best of all: I GOT MY WAND!!!! I am now the proud owner of a collectible Hermione Granger wand :D

I am having such a great time here, I can't believe I was ever nervous! More to come soon!

<3 Mei

*Click HERE to see an album which should have the better pictures I took....I took WAY too many to put them all up...plus half of them are rubbish....

Jolly Holiday

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Hi all,

I FINISHED MY PAPER!!!! Yes, you just read right......I, Meilyng "the procrastinator" Gonzalez, finished my paper. This paper was due at 11am Tuesday and I, in true Meilyng style, finished it at 5am on Tuesday! I spent most of Monday writing my paper, with the exception of the time I went in to town for some small exploring, and worked on it throughout the night. Once it was handed in I felt so good knowing I had overcome one of the biggest hurdles in this class. Now, it's on to tackling the next one: group presentations.

Now, if you know me, you know I absolutely DETEST group presentations. I know very well that working in groups is a necessary part of being a grown up in the grown up world, but no one will EVER be able to convince me that group classwork is as useful as professors make it out to be. That being said, I actually do enjoy working with my group for this class. Since I am participating in the International Summer School, and all of the Californian's are taking physics, it stands to reason that I do have some diversity in my group. Groups in my class are small, 3 people in each group, and I do believe that I have the most diverse group because we are: a Puerto Rican (ME), a Mexican (not me being the butt of my best friend's joke), and a Dutch guy (I have no witty comments about that).

It's really interesting how we've all divided up the work where Floris (the Dutch guy) is very good at econ, so we let him explain the econ mumbo jumbo that I can barely understand. Edgar (the guy from Mexico) has some weird mystical connection with Google where he can make AWESOME sources appear out of nowhere, so he's in charge of the Google-ing. We also found out today that Edgar has the best handwriting in the group, so he's in charge of the handwriting part of our final presentation (I'll post the video when we are done with it :D  ) And me, well I'm the creative/organized one believe it or not. I am the one that is in charge of making our Prezis and making sure that the group actually has a vision for presentations, which is funny cause I'm as creative as a rock.....ok that's a lie.....a rock is more creative.

Apart from going to classes, which my dad would argue is one of the only reason they sent me here, I have done some shopping*. Apart from the "bare" necessities, I have explored Brighton and purchased: some clothes (they were on sale mom), a travel pillow for my upcoming bus trips, and then my two favorite things: a Pandora charm and Cupcakes!

The Pandora charm was a MUST seeing as it is so very British, and it is one of 3 things I said I'd buy myself - one of the others being the wand I will be purchasing this Friday when I visit the tour of the Harry Potter stage! Take that mom, I will no longer be a mere muggle!!!!!!  I will be so amazing you will not be able to handle this! (not that there was much handling of this crazy going on to begin with) Ok, I'm back. This charm is so cute since it's a double decker bus (which I have ridden) and has the British flag on top! I've been drooling over it for quite some time and finally purchased it! Here it is:

Pandora Charm

Today, I also purchased cupcakes. I am a huge fan of cupcakes (who isn't) but I really love to buy cupcakes because of my little sister. My little sister is going to begin her freshman year at Johnson and Wales in their pastry program come this fall. For years she has been making cupcakes and it is kind of my thing to get a cupcake where I go and send her a picture (and also beg her to send me some at Behrend). This time I went to this little, hidden (yet well known) bakery in Brighton's North Laines called Cloud 9. I purchased two cupcakes for myself: a red velvet cupcake and a chocolate ganache cupcake. So far I have tried the red velvet and, although it is delicious, it is not my little sister's red velvet cupcake. The chocolate ganache is currently being saved for tomorrow, and this might be the one place they might beat my sister....I am a harsh judge of chocolate since I love it so much....we'll see though! Here's the cupcakes (and my messy desk):


I am still shocked that I am in this amazing country, and I can't wait to explore more of it. I will update you guys on how my trip to Harry Potter goes (be ready for LOADS of pictures) and the next time I write I will no longer be a mere dorky muggle...I will be a wand-toting dorky muggle!

<3 Mei

*Probably shouldn't have put that on here since I'm probably going to get an earful from mum (see how I wrote that all British) about my spending habits but oh well.....

A Taste of Honey

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Hi all,

Today was an overall fun day here in Sussex where I participated in the Sussex Countryside Tour.  This tour was an amazing opportunity to see the true beauty that Sussex hides away from the campus and the city of Brighton.

The day started off with a groggy 8:45 meeting time where all of us lovely college students were less than awake and getting on a bus for the day. Our tour guide was very sweet and extremely knowledgeable, giving us amazing information about Sussex and all of its little boroughs. We began the day at Birling Gap and Beachy Head where we were supposed to be able to see the Seven Sisters Cliffs. Unfortunately, the sea mist had other ideas and, unlike the beautiful pictures I saw my friend Kristi took, all I got was a massive cloud of fog. After this little miss we drove to Eastbourne where we really got a chance to explore and walk around. We stopped at the Duke of Devonshire Pub where I had a traditional British Sunday Roast. My meal, for the relatively cheap price of £6.45, consisted of roast beef, mixed vegetables, potatoes, and Yorkshire pudding, obviously accompanied by a nice British ale. If you look down you'll see my food.....it was so good! I ate all of my food (except the brussel sprouts...I'd never tried them before, but I kind of regretted trying them afterwards).

Sunday Roast

After lunch we explored the town a bit, even walking down to the pier and visiting some shops! My personal favorite shop was definitely a glass making shop on the pier with gorgeous hand-made models. You can actually check out some of their work here: http://www.pierglassstudio.co.uk/. Their work was very enchanting and I even bought one piece to bring home for someone! I wish I could show you guys the one I bought, but they wrapped it up safe for transportation and if I open it I'm guaranteed to break it....so I won't. But here's a picture of the pier!

Eastbourne Pier

After we finished visiting Eastbourne we went to Pevensey Castle which was the ruins of this medieval castle that apparently used to be amazing. We entered through the outer wall which dates all the way back to the Roman times, then we walked along the moat (...I want a moat...) and then walked over the drawbridge into the remains of the castle. The castle itself was actually built by the Saxons way back when and actually served as a primary line of defense for the southern coast of England. I really loved seeing it, though I wish I could have seen it in its hey-day. Here's a picture of me with the castle!

Pevensey Castle

After we visited Pevensey Castle we made our way to Alfriston, this enchanting little village which I hope I can visit again. I won't lie, all I could picture and hear in my head as we walked through the town was that song from beauty and the beast...the one Belle sings at the beginning, but I did have an amazing time. I truly wish I could have spent some time shopping around, but alas it was Sunday, and everything closed at 5pm. What I did have time for though was a traditional British Cream Tea. This tea is something I was told to do many times, and since I'm not a fan of tea I was kind of doing it for the heck of it, but thankfully I was allowed to trade tea for coffee and I was really able to enjoy the atmosphere, the scones, and all the fun stuff. Here's another picture of my food!

Cream Tea

All in all it was a really fun day, and though I'd hoped to be able to say that my essay was done as well, I had to make a choice and I think this tour was the right one. Oh well, here comes another long week of keeping up with the tutors.*

<3 Mei

*Ok, so as I wrote that one sentence I had a brief pun develop itself but developing it wittily would have taken more time and concentration than I am currently able to muster...so here it is. Tutors sounds like Tudors.....as in Henry VIII our favorite king of six wives......I'm done now....

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