National Geographic on PA gas (and history)

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Traveling around I find myself mentioning Marcellus and the issues in PA. Many people out of state have even heard about it. Its national news. So just about every news organization has picked up on it - including now National Geographic So NG's focus is obviously environment and protection. It provides a nice history of the play. A few tidbits:

  • Harlan Shober remembers how cars lined Hickory Ridge Road in the spring of 2008 with curiosity-seekers hoping for a glimpse of the first Marcellus shale gas flare in Chartiers Township, Pennsylvania.
  • Geologist Bill Zagorski, now a vice president of the gas company Range Resources, knew about the shale history in 2003, when he was working on a problematic well southwest of Pittsburgh.
  • Coincidentally, Zagorski had a chance to visit a geologist friend in Texas, who was studying the implications of an exciting development unfolding in the Barnett shale near Dallas-Fort Worth. Iconoclastic oilman George Mitchell, with years of effort that flew in the face of conventional industry wisdom, had earlier succeeded in coaxing gas out of the shale by hydraulic fracturing (fracking). 
  • In 2002, a bigger firm, Devon Energy, had purchased Mitchell's company. Now, a year later, Devon attacked the shale by combining fracking with another technique that was its specialty--horizontal drilling. The results were stupendous...

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