Brian LeVay, PhD 2010
Thesis: Pre-Anatectic and Anatectic Processes in an Eclogite from the Erzgebirge, Southeastern Germany: Implications for Arc Magmatism
Now at: British Petroleum, Houston, TX
Thesis: Covariation of Boron Concentrations and Isotope Ratios in Glasses from the Laki-Grimsvötn Fissure Eruption of 1783-1784
Now at: California Institute of Technology
Jessica Yakob, MS 2011
Thesis: An experimental study of Li partitioning between olivine and diopside at mantle conditions
Now at: Vantage Energy, Denver, CO
Thesis: Assessment and implications of (dis)equilibrium in metamorphic rocks
Now at: University of Maine
Timothy Murray, MS 2013
Thesis: A monogenetic alkali basalt field east of the Andean arc between 34˚ and 35˚ S: Implications for mantle composition
Now at: Hess, Houston, TX
Dana Drew, BS 2011
Thesis: Crustal contributions to the evolution of the Diamante Caldera - Maipo volcanic complex, Southern Volcanic Zone
Now at: University of Oregon MS graduate
James (TJ) Deane, Jr., MS 2013
Thesis: The effect of oxygen fugacity on the equilibrium partitioning of lithium between olivine and pyroxene
Now at: Geologist at AECOM Technology Corporation, Maryland
Michael Hudak, MS 2015
Thesis: Inside the volcano: Mantle sources and crustal processes at Thrihnukagigur Volcano, Iceland