The Diamante Caldera/Maipo Volcanic Complex is a volcanic system located at the northern end of the Andean Southern Volcanic Zone, on the border between Argentina and Chile.  The Diamante Caldera was formed in a massive “supervolcano” eruption ~450 Ka that buried 23,000 km2 of Argentina and Chile, including the area that is now the capital city of Santiago, under a blanket of rhyolitic ignimbrite.  Maipo is an andesite/dacite stratovolcano that grew up from the caldera floor beginning ~86 Ka.  Anecdotal reports of recent volcanic activity at Maipo are on record, but the details remain hazy.  We hope to understand the current timescales of magma storage and recharge, as well as the re-configuration of the magma plumbing system from a large-volume silicic system to a small-batch andesite/dacite system, by combining textural and crystal zoning data with major and trace element and isotopic whole-rock geochemical trends.
Diamante Caldera / Maipo
Maipo and Laguna del Diamante
Diamante Tuff
Eastern caldera wall
Sunset at Laguna del Diamante
Los Escoriales del Maipo
Maipo dacite
Maipo andesite
Ring dome dacite
Los Penitentes