The Erzgebirge, or “Ore Mountains”, is a Variscan terrane that lies on the border of Southeast Germany and the Czech Republic.  Although best known for its hydrothermal ore deposits, we are most interested in the high-pressure and ultra-high-pressure metamorphic rocks that outcrop here.  A rich variety of eclogites, granulites, pyroxenites, gneisses, serpentinites, and schists formed over a wide range of pressure and temperature conditions can be found in this remarkable little region.  Our current research is directed at understanding the nature of felsic melt veins and segregations observable in the high-pressure eclogites on the southern shore of the Saidenbach Reservoir by the use of whole-rock trace element and isotope chemistry, as well as laser ablation ICP-MS analysis of individual mineral grains.
Eclogite boulders in the Saidenbach Reservoir
Sampling at Saidenbach L: B. LeVay, R: D. Kerrick
Veins in eclogite
Eclogite inclusion in felsic zone
Trash heap or outcrop?
Brian LeVay, at work
Erzgebirge scenery