Students participating in the Penn State Bushveld - Africa Array REU will spend 6 summer weeks at Penn State and 3 weeks in South Africa studying the Bushveld Igneous Complex. At 2.09 billion years old, the Bushveld is the the world’s oldest and largest mafic igneous complex. Nonetheless, the total volume of magma associated with the Bushveld Igneous Complex remains poorly constrained, partly because most of the intrusive suite remains underground, and partly due to the unknown association between the Bushveld and several other nearby intrusions of similar age. Student projects will contribute to assessment of the total volume of this ancient igneous complex by using geophysical methods to determine the connectivity of the main limbs of the Rustenberg Layered Suite at depth, and by using geochemistry to explore the possible co-genetic relationship with other nearby mafic intrusions of the same age, including the Uitkomst Complex in South Africa and the Molopo Farms Complex in Botswana. Training provided and techniques employed will vary by individual research project, but may include seismometer installation, numerical processing of seismic data, trace element analysis by ICP-MS, and/or sulfur isotope analysis by IR-MS. Participants will also learn about the culture and history of South Africa, Earth Science Literacy Principles, and how to pursue a career in Geosciences. All students will write an original research paper and give a poster presentation.

The next Bushveld - AfricaArray REU will run June 1 - August 3, 2016. Download the application form here: REU 2016 application.pdf. 

Students will participate in one of two sub-disciplinary groups, 1) Geochemistry and Petrology, led by Dr. Maureen Feineman, or 2) Geophysics and Seismology, led by Dr. Andy Nyblade. Additional opportunities may arise for students to participate in the AfricaArray Geophysics Field School, led by Dr. Susan Webb at the University of the Witwatersrand.Bushveld REU_files/REU%202016%20application.pdf
Diversity is an important goal of this program. Exceptional undergraduate students of all ethnicities, races, religions, and sexual / gender identities are encouraged to apply.
For more information about the Penn State Bushveld - AfricaArray REU, contact Maureen Feineman.