The History of Art Education Time Line 1800-1809
Decades of art education history in contexts of schooling and artworlds

  • Taught by an art teacher by the name of Sarah Moorhead, Scipio Moorehead, an African slave in Massachusetts, was one of the first "professionally" trained African-American painters (Sarah Moorhead was believed to be the daughter of Scipio Moorhead's owner). Scipio was recognized by a non-conventional slave-owner by the name of John Wheatley. He owned a slave very talented in the art of poetry by the name of Phillis Weatley. Phyillis often wrote of Scipio in her works. Because Scipio never signed his name, his only legacy to be recognized through his art is through Wheatley's mention of a young African painter, S. M. [Jaimeson Daley, Spring 2002]
  • In Philadelphia, the first blackboard was used in a school. Created from pine lumber and covered with a mixture of egg white and carbon from charred potatoes, teachers and students used the invention by writing on them with chunks of chalk and erasing with cloth rags. Lessons in art were taught using such blackboards. [Sara Goblinger, Spring 2002]