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Hi, welcome to my web page. Please browse through, and come again for the updates!


First Name: Roshan (means Illuminating)
Middle Name: Rivu (means a human angel)
Last Name: Haque (means truth, justice)

 I was born on March 12th, 2001, (12:37 PM) at Carle Foundation Hospital at Urbana, Illinois.

Rivu's Journal

September 2014: Rivu’s game programming! Play it here  (http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/26689750/)


December 2012: I was in the Principal’s list again.


November 2012: Our Robotics team went for a camp in the Poconos. We went to Baltimore for the Eid day


October 2012: Go-carting at the Tussey mountain, with Ava. At the Oahu island. At the cultural center. At Waikiki. Beary cool museum at Waikiki.


June 2012: Here is another one! Playing ping pong with Mr. Amanov. At the Greenwood Furnace State Park, PA. Giving Ava a ride.


May 2012: In a camping trip to Long Island, learning about rocks – posing with Ava and Mamma – and my dad, Daddy and Mamma enjoying a drink. I helped with cooking. T


March 2012: Hilton Head Island, SC. This one is at Myrtle Beach. Back at home, doing what I like the most – playing with my DS.


December 11: This is what Mama likes the most.


November 11: Our Robotics Team came to the news!


March 2011: In Daddy’s office.


November 2009: Cooling down at Cape Canaveral. Fishing with Mamma and look what I caught! Dad survived the hulk coaster ride, and I was too small to make it. At my first violin concert.


June, 2009: Picture taken at the Duqesne Incline, Pittsburgh. And here is another showing the city. This one is at the Point Park, where the three rivers meet.


December 12, 2008: The box magic continues! Here is my assistant Ava, before we disappeared in that box.  Here I am, trying to make Ava look happy. Here is an innovative way to send message to  Mom


August 2008: We went to Maine for very enjoyable (but boring at the end) trip. Perhaps the best part was a boat ride, looks whose hands are on the wheel!  Here is one at the hotel room with Ava.


June 2008. The last day of 1st grade. We went to Lock Haven for a BBQ, this one is with  Ava.


May 2008: Dad went with us for a field trip and took these pictures (with my best friend Enrico) at the Fire Station and at the restaurant.


March 2008: How tornadoes form by Rivu


February: On the International Mother’s Language Day, I introduced Bangladesh in my school. Pic 1 and pic 2 from that show.


November, 18, 2007: I am a big brother! My sister Ava came to us. Check her website.


October, 2007: I am in first grade. In the shoe zoo (Eid 2007)


June 2007: We went to Toronto, and made through the Niagara Falls on our way back. Picture with Dad and Mom


April 2007: My first science fair participation was in the first grade. My topic was magnetics. I received a certificate from YSCP for that.


February 25, 2006: I found a wobbly tooth. Mama and I worked on it, and off it went!! Tooth fairy got me a one-time camera of my own and 3 quarters!!


August 31, 2006: My first day of schooling!!!

August 2006. I graduated (umm..err..) from the pre-school. Here is a party pic. I am very excited to start my Kindergarten level later this month. In a trip to Maine, I met this pirate. And this guy was really scary..I mean reeel scary. I tried rock climbing.

June 2006: My first ever trip to Colorado. We saw the Rocky Mountains. Moose on the loose in the Rockies. We survived the drive to the Pike’s Peak. With Mama in the Garden of Gods. I got a short horse ride.

December 2005: We went to the Bahamas for a short cruise. This one shows sunset in Cape Canaveral. We had a really good time on the ship 'Fantasy'. This one is taken right after our ship docked at Nassau. We went to the Paradise Island to see the Atlantis Hotel. This one shows the aquarium in Atlantis. We stayed in Orlando for a couple of days. Me and my Mom

surfed in the Cocoa beach (not really). We also went to the SeaWorld where I saw tons of sharks, killer whales, dolphins, sea lions (my most favorite sea animal), manatee, barracudas and what not. On our way back, we briefly stopped at the Daytona beach.

August 2005: We went for a very short vacation to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. For some reason, I felt very home sick and wanted to go back to our 'real home'. However, once we reached the beach, I forgot about it. Here is one with Mom, and Dad.

May 2005: I went to Bangladesh for only 10 days.

February, 2005: Appreciating the family..I already have mastered stick figure drawing

January 2005: Do I really like strawberries? (open the file in a new window)

December 2004: I went to Bangladesh.

Pictures taken at the Eid party. In my new dress..this one is with Fatima. Dad holding Sitara.

We went to the Delgrosso amusement park. This one is with Dad. These two with Mom. Mom on the scrambler. Mom holding little Sitara.

The basket trick, one..two..three

.....I am gone! See it in Quick Time format video (open the file in a new window)

November 2004: A 'school of Spiderman' Halloween pic of 2004. Giving Mama a big hug before the parade. With a pumpkin basket in my hand and the witch by my side, I am on my way for the first trick or treat.

We went to Florida this summer, and here are some snapshots. The Gatorland in Orlando. A Giraffe, baobab tree (the upside down tree) and the tree of life in the Animal Kingdom of Disneyland. Checking out a dinosaur fossil. The castle in the Magical World, and here we are. Part of the evening light show parade. At the MGM studio, we met Tigger, Piglet and Stanley. We also went to the Universal studio. And here are couple of pictures of the NASA Cape Canaveral base.

October 2004: Who is this guy? Dad..(1994)?

August, 2004: In this trip to Maryland, dad and his friend decided to go for fishing on the Potomac River at Washington DC. Mamma got her hands on the line for her first time ever, and wasnt she lucky!. Soon she supersized it, and went on a catching spree..

May 31, 2004: This Memorial weekend, we went to the Big Apple. I was fast asleep when the 'waiting in queue' ordeal began in the Empire State Building. After 3 hours, we finally could get to the observation deck.(note: Dad doesnt look too good after my 2 hour long nap in his arms). Aerial view of the New York city. When we got down, I posed with the King Kong, and then went to Jackson Heights for a Bangladeshi dinner.

Innovative application of band-aid!

My uncle, aunty and cousin Deepto came to visit us in May 04. Here are some pictures, 1, 2, 3

Some pictures of my little cousin Aurthy, 1, 2, 3, 4, with her dad and mom.

Basketball isnt easy. But I got better. Soccer is cool. (You will need the Quick Time player to watch these movie files in a new window)

We went to Shaheen uncle's place in Virginia to see the newborn Raifa

All daddy has to do is to take me to his office and tell me what theory he wants me to derive.

The Nittany lion of Penn State. Here is one at the Old Main

April 22: Finally, the cherry trees started blooming in our frontyard, and so did my activities in the backyard.

April 12, 2004. I really like snuggling in tiny boxes. Here is one in a cooler! something more challenging here We went to Virginia and the DC area last week. Here is one in the tulip library in DC, and this one is with Mom and Dad. Playing hide and seek here.

March 12, 2004: Announcing my third birthday! I got my first bike as a birthday gift.. Here are some pictures (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). I am still a big Blues Clues fan. See me on my thinking chair and with the handy-dandy notebook. This one is my favorite too.

December 1, 2003: We moved to a new place, and then Mom and I went to Bangladesh for a one month trip

March 12, 2003. My second birthday passed with lots of fun. We had the Bangladeshi residents of Urbana-Champaign at our place, and it sounded like a 'good-bye' party. We then were on our way to State College, PA. Like the last couple of second of popping of pop-corns, I have been learning new things. I am talking in English, Bengali all the time. I could count 1-10 since long back, and now I can recognize triangles, circles, and clues (Blue's clues!).

January 2003: Dad left Urbana to join the Mechanical & Nuclear engineering department at PennState University.

December 2002: Dad's MBA school friend Edmond Van Esbrock came from the Netherlands to see us.

November, 2002: Dad finished up his doctoral dissertation on 13th, and we went to Las Vegas/Grand Canyon to enjoy some relaxed times. I was too tired as we reached Vegas. Next day, we saw the lions at the MGM Grand hotel. Couple of pictures (pic1 and pic 2) with Mom and Dad. This one is with Mom, and here is another one near the Paris hotel. Sitting on the Sphinx pedestal at Luxor. We actually checked out almost all the casinos in the strip, and were quite lucky not to lose much. Then we went to Grand Canyon. First, we drove through the east rim by ourselves.. The next day was sunny and bright, and we took a bus ride on the west rim (pic 1,

 pic 2, pic 3, pic 4). Here is one showing Mom at the Hermits rest. We then came to lake Mead. This one shows Mama at the Mead. We then saw the Hoover Dam. I will be back with more pictures.

October 31, 2002: A confused, amused and finally tired spiderman in a Halloween evening.

October, 2002: Just hanging on!

September, 2002: Here are four photographs taken on the 3rd, 8th, 9th, and 12th month of my little life.

July 13-19: This summer, we went to Maine. From the White mountain range to the rugged coastal area, Maine was just awesome, and the weather was perfect! We went to Rockland, Port Clyde, and Lincolnville cities which are by the sea. We took a boat ride to the Monhegan island where we hiked through. On our way to the island we saw one bald eagle. On our way back we saw a mink whale, and mom saw lots of porpoises. Next was the Acadia National Park. Here is a panoramic one taken from Mount Cadillac summit in the Acadia National Park. With Dad in the same place.  I touched the water first time at the Sand beach, it was really cold, my parents did not dare further.. We had dinner at the Bar harbor and I had boiled lobsters for the first time. We then drove to the Bass harbor and the lighthouse, which is one of the most photographed lighthouse in the US. On our way to Boston, we went to the Old Orchard beach where I could stay in the water for longer time. Cape Elizabeth was pretty close, so we went there too! This one shows one light house on an island in Cape Elizabeth. This one is on the Cape Elizabeth shore. More pictures to come..so please come back!

June 15, 2002: Another one in Indianapolis zoo. Got several more teeth (so far 16 in total).

June 2002: We bought a new car early June. We also went to Kalamazoo, MI to visit Dad's undergrad buddy Mika. This picture was taken near Lake Michigan

June 1, 2002: Last photograph before I got my head shaved for the first time. Dad's first attempt left patches of hair on the scalp. He did a smooth job on the second attempt, while I was sleeping.

May 16, 2002: I  just finished my first trip to Pennsylvania. Rain poured relentlessly during our short stay there. We also made a short trip to Fairfax, Virginia where Shaheen uncle and auntie live.

April 23, 2002: Got 12 teeth so far. Walking no more a challenge. Today I walked from the parking lot to my home, after climbing the stairs to the second floor.

March 18, 2002: Guess what! I have had my first two steps today! I now can stand for several minutes, and have walked a maximum of 3 steps. Dad and Mom got very excited about this new performance, and me too.

March 9, 2002: Since everybody would be out for the spring break, we decided to work on an early birthday celebration. Thanks to all Bangladeshi families in Urbana-Champaign, I had great fun that day. Here are some pictures. Lot more will be added as they are processed, so see me again soon!

Getting help with the dress
At the center...   here I am
Time for bed..but still excited


March 6, 2002: I managed to enjoy my first winter, the new year, and the Eid very well. Have started to sing 'Da Da' since long back. I am walking with supports from Mom, Dad, and the furnitures around. There are couple of things that I just have dared, (1) Maneuver myself from the recliner to the sofa, (2) Use an upside turned bucket to use as a step and then climb on to the sofa, and (3) Beat the hell out of the computer keyboard and mouse..

How do I look now? here are the pictures.. pic1 pic2 pic3

December 28, 2001: So many things happened! My dad was too busy with his works, and hence the delay.  I enjoyed the first Eid (Dec 16) in my life. Rain didnt stop the Bangladeshis in Urbana-Champaign from visiting each others and taste all the foods. I can crawl now, have started that from late October. Got four more teeth (6 in total). I am working on standing, which I can do with some support. Check out my new pictures!

Latest snap
Eid 2001 pictures Pic 1 , Pic 2    
Sears Tower Floor 1

Shaheen uncle (Dad's undergrad buddy)and auntie  visited us this December.

September 26, 2001: I am back from Bangladesh. Feeling little bit spoilt after massive pampering. I now can sit, can grab my toys, and have two teeth! Check out the new picture below.

Rivu1 Rivu2 Rivu3 Rivu4 Rivu5 Rivu6 Rivu7

August 1, 2001: My first trip to Bangladesh!!. I am seeing so many new faces.  I will be back with the pictures.

July 23, 2001: My second trip to Edmonton. Big news, my Mom got her PhD from the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Alberta. Life was pretty much the same. My dad babysitted me for all the time. My mom worked around the clock. We went to Calgary for a short time.

June 25, 2001: I went for my first trip to Edmonton, Canada. My dad babysitted me, and my Mom finished writing her PhD thesis. We all then went for a blitzkrieg in the Canadian Rockies (Banff, Yoho and Kootenay national parks). Here are some pictures.

At Field (Yoho national park) with Mom and Dad
At Lake Louise (Banff national park) with Mom
At Radium Hot Springs (Kootenay national park)

At about 3 months of age,

I can sit (with help of course)
At home on my swing