Ava’s Page




Welcome to my page. Please come back for updates.


First Name: Ava (means light, color)
Middle Name: Nahar (means light)
Last Name: Haque (means truth, justice)

I was born on November 18, 2007 (7:26 AM) at Mount Nittany Medical Center in State College, Pennsylvania.


Ava’s Journal:

July 2018: Few instants from my recent trip.

July 2018: Growing up with my brother. Kayaking with Mamma.

May 2018: My science fair project won the first prize! Here are couple of event images.

June 2012: Here is my first bike. Visited the Air Force Museum. Air Force 1. Probably the smallest AF1? Too many aircrafts left us head and chin scratching. Pre-Fathers day. Riding a horsie. At the park. Playing with the sound tube. Is anybody listening? The cake!

May 2012: I had to fix, clean and the pose with Daddy’s new toy. At the soccer ground. Smiley face.

March: Watching TV with my brother. Hilton Head island, South Carolina. This one is at Williamsburg, VA

August 2011: have already started to pick flowers to put them in my hair.

July: We went to Mackinac Island, MI.

June: We went to Connecticut. This one is in Mystic City.

May 2011. Couple of pictures taken around the house

Feb 2010: Playing while waiting for the doctor. 

Nov 18, 2009: Announcing my 2nd birthday. Here is a recent picture. Wearing Mama’s boots. In Florida – Disneyland, and later that evening, we went to see Kukai/Kukulai (crocodiles)

August: On daddy’s ‘vroom – vroom’. I really enjoy reading books.

July 2009. We spent some time in Pittsburgh this year and here are the pictures. Just another normal day at the day care! This one is near U Pitt. This one is in the Schenly Park with my brother, and here is with my coffee. At the Duquesne incline. At the zoo, with the bear; elephant; the zebra and giraffe;  and the gorilla.

This one is at the Bald Eagle park .. the weather wasn’t too good for fishing.

June, 2009: Dad gets a new toy. We went to Cape May, NJ for a few days. At the beach! This is with my dad, and here is the one with my brother.

May 25, 2009: Got rid of my long and curly hair. Brother got a hair cut too.

March, 2009: Couple of pictures taken at a Bangladeshi party: Myself; with Dad; With Dad and Mom; With my brother, this is a better one, and getting some Jedi training in this one. This one was taken at a party in Lockhaven.

December, 2008: A family photo taken at the Holiday party in the Engineering Science & Mechanics dept.

November 18: Announcing my first birthday! Here is one showing the family. With Dad. This is with Mom. And one showing the cake. Got my ears pierced. I can take a few steps.

November 11, 2008: Today, I took the first step! Just one step though.

October 17, 2008. Can cruise at few miles/hr! And guess what, I ca

May 2008: We went Maryland to attend Minal’s birthday. Here is one with my brother – and with my Mom..and myself..at the party.

March 2008: My uncle came to see me. Here are couple of pictures. The morning he left – we had a freaky snowfall that morning, scared him off!