Selected Research in Statistical Methods, Theory and Computation
(group members are underlined and corresponding authors are denoted by *)
  • Wang, Z., Liu, B. (co-first author), Chen, S., Ma, S., Xue, L.* and Zhao, H. (2021)
    A Manifold Proximal Linear Method for Sparse Spectral Clustering with Application to Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Data Analysis. (link, arXiv, pdf)
    INFORMS Journal on Optimization, in press.
  • Lee, K. H., Chen, Q., DeSarbo, W. S. and Xue, L.* (2021)
    Estimating Finite Mixtures of Ordinal Graphical Models. (link, arXiv)
    Psychometrika, in press.
  • Luo, W., Xue, L.* (co-first author), Yao, J. and Yu, X.(2021)
    Inverse Moment Methods for Sufficient Forecasting using High-Dimensional Predictors. (link, arXiv, pdf, ssrn)
    Biometrika, in press.
  • Yu, X., Yao, J. and Xue, L.* (2022)
    Nonparametric Estimation and Conformal Inference of the Sufficient Forecasting with a Diverging Number of Factor. (link) [Winner of 2018 ASA Business and Economic Statistics Distinguished Student Paper Award]
    Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, 40: 342-354.
  • Srinivasan, A., Xue, L.* and Zhan, X. (2021)
    Compositional Knockoff Filter for FDR Control in Microbiome Regression Analysis. (link, bioRxiv, pdf)
    Biometrics, 77: 984-995.
  • Ke, Z. T., Xue, L. and Yang, F. (2020)
    Diagonally-Dominant Principal Component Analysis. (link, arXiv, pdf)
    Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 29: 592-607.
  • Chen, S., Ma, S., Xue, L. and Zou, H. (2020)
    An Alternating Manifold Proximal Gradient Method for Sparse PCA and Sparse CCA. (link, arXiv, pdf)
    INFORMS Journal on Optimization, 2: 192-208.
  • Du, K, Huddart, S. J., Xue, L. and Zhang, Y. (2020)
    Using a Hidden Markov Model to Measure Earnings Quality. (link, ssrn, earnings fidelity, pdf)
    Journal of Accounting & Economics, 69: 101281.
  • Lee, K. H., Xue, L.*, and Hunter, D. R. (2020)
    Model-Based Clustering of Time-Evolving Networks through Temporal ERGMs. (link, arXiv, pdf)
    [Winner of 2016 ASA Statistical Learning and Data Science Best Student Paper Award]
    Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 175: 104540.
  • Agarwal, A. and Xue, L.* (2020)
    Model-Based Clustering of Nonparametric Weighted Networks with Application to Water Pollution Analysis. (link, pdf)
    [Winner of 2018 ASA Risk Analysis Best Student Paper Award]
    Technometrics, 62: 161-172.
  • Zou, H. and Xue, L. (2018)
    A Selective Overview of Sparse Principal Component Analysis. (link, pdf)
    Proceedings of the IEEE, 106: 1311-1320.
  • Kim, B., Lee, K. H. (co-first author), Xue, L. and Niu, X. (2018)
    A Review of Dynamic Network Models with Latent Variables. (link, pdf)
    Statistics Surveys, 12: 105-135.
  • Li. D., Xue, L. (co-first author) and Zou, H. (2018)
    Applications of Peter Hall's Martingale Limit Theory to Estimating and Testing High Dimensional Covariance Matrices. (link, pdf, supp)
    Statistica Sinica, 28: 2657-2670.
  • Lee, K. H. and Xue, L.* (2018)
    Nonparametric Finite Mixture of Gaussian Graphical Models. (link, arXiv, pdf)
    [Winner of 2016 ICSA Distinguished Student Paper Award]
    Technometrics, 60: 511-521.
  • Fan, J., Xue, L.* and Yao, J. (2017)
    Sufficient Forecasting Using Factor Models. (link, arXiv, pdf, ssrn)
    Jounral of Econometrics, 201: 292-306.
  • Fan, J., Xue, L. and Zou, H. (2016)
    Multi-Task Quantile Regression Under the Transnormal Model. (link )
    Journal of the American Statistical Association, 111: 1726-1735.
  • Fan, J., Xue, L. and Zou, H. (2014)
    Strong Oracle Optimality of Folded Concave Penalized Estimation. (link, arXiv, pdf)
    The Annals of Statistics, 42: 819-849.
  • Xue, L. and Zou, H. (2014).
    Rank-based Tapering Estimation of Bandable Correlation Matrices. (link, pdf)
    Statistica Sinica, 24: 83-100.
  • Ma, S., Xue, L. and Zou, H. (2013)
    Alternating Direction Methods for Latent Variable Gaussian Graphical Model Selection. (link, arXiv, pdf)
    Neural Computation, 25: 2172-2198.
  • Xue, L. and Zou, H. (2013).
    Minimax Optimal Estimation of General Bandable Covariance Matrices. (link, pdf)
    Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 116: 45-51.
  • Xue, L., Zou, H. and Cai, T. (2012).
    Nonconcave Penalized Composite Conditional Likelihood Estimation of Sparse Ising Models. (link, arXiv, pdf)
    The Annals of Statistics, 40(3): 1403-1429.
  • Xue, L. and Zou, H. (2012).
    Regularized Rank-Based Estimation of High-Dimensional Nonparanormal Graphical Models. (link, arXiv, pdf)
    The Annals of Statistics, 40(5): 2541-2571.
  • Xue, L., Ma, S. and Zou, H. (2012).
    Positive-Definite L1-Penalized Estimation of Large Covariance Matrices. (link, arXiv, pdf)
    Journal of the American Statistical Association, 107: 1480-1491.
  • Xue, L. and Zou, H. (2011).
    Sure Independence Screening and Compressed Random Sensing. (link, pdf)
    Biometrika, 98(2): 371-380.
Selected Research in Statistical Applications
(group members are underlined and corresponding authors are denoted by *)
  • Agarwal, A., Wen, T., Chen, A., Zhang, A. Y., Niu, X., Zhan, X., Xue, L.* and Brantley, S. L. (2020).
    Assessing Contamination of Stream Networks Near Shale Gas Development Using a New Geospatial Tool. (link, pdf)
    Environmental Science & Technology, 54: 8632–8639.
  • Chen, Y., Ju, L., Zhou, F., Liao, J., Xue, L., Su, Q., Yuan, Y., Lu, H., Jackson, S. and Zhu C. (2019).
    An Integrin αIIbβ3 Intermediate Affinity State Mediates Biomechanical Platelet Aggregation. (link, pdf)
    [Featured in Georgia Tech News, University of Sydney News, Heart Research Institute News, Penn State News, EurekAlert! Science News, Scimex, ScienceDaily, Medical Xpress, and BioPortfolio]
    Nature Materials, 18, 760–769.
  • Wen, T., Agarwal, A. (co-first author), Xue, L.*, Chen, A., Herman, A., Li, Z. and Brantley, S. L. (2019).
    Assessing Changes in Groundwater Chemistry in Landscapes with More Than 100 Years of Oil and Gas Development. (link, pdf, supp)
    Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 21, 384-396.
  • Lin, N., Jing, R., Wang, Y., Yonekura, E., Fan, F. and Xue, L. (2017).
    A Statistical Investigation of the Dependence of Tropical Cyclone Intensity Change on the Surrounding Environment. (link, pdf)
    Monthly Weather Review, 145, 2813-2831.
  • Ju, L., Chen, Y., Xue, L., Du, X. and Zhu C. (2016).
    Cooperative Unfolding of Distinctive Mechanoreceptor Domains Transduces Force into Signals. (link, pdf)
    [Featured in NSF Science360, Georgia Tech News and Penn State News]
    eLife, e15447.
Selected Manuscripts
  • Zhang, Q., Xue, L.* and Li, B. (2021)
    Dimension Reduction and Data Visualization for Fréchet Regression. (arXiv, pdf)
  • Li, D., Srinivasan, A. (co-first author), Chen, Q. and Xue, L.* (2021)
    Robust Covariance Matrix Estimation for High-Dimensional Compositional Data with Application to Sales Data Analysis.
  • Yu, X., Li, D., Xue, L.* and Li, R. (2021)
    Power-Enhanced Simultaneous Test of High-Dimensional Mean Vectors and Covariance Matrices with Application to Gene-Set Testing. (arXiv, pdf)
  • Tao, J., Li, B. and Xue, L.* (2021)
    An Additive Graphical Model for Discrete Data.
  • Wang, B., Ma, S. and Xue, L.. (2020)
    Riemannian Stochastic Proximal Gradient Methods for Nonsmooth Optimization over the Stiefel Manifold. (arXiv, pdf)
  • Yu, X., Li, D. and Xue, L.* (2020)
    Fisher's Combined Probability Test for High-Dimensional Covariance Matrices. (arXiv, pdf)
  • Liu, B., Zhang, Q. (co-first author), Xue, L.*, Song, P. X.K. and Kang, J. (2019+)
    Robust High-Dimensional Regression with Coefficient Thresholding and its Application to Imaging Data Analysis. (arXiv, pdf) [Winner of 2019 ASA Statistics in Imaging Best Student Paper Award]
  • Yu, X., Yao, J. and Xue, L.* (2019+)
    Innovated Power Enhancement for Testing Multi-Factor Asset Pricing Models. (ssrn)
  • Li. D. and Xue, L.* (co-first author) (2015+)
    Joint Limiting Laws for High-Dimensional Independence Tests. (arXiv, pdf)
    Key Words: Covariance structure, joint limiting law, sparse alternative, dense alternative, intermediate limiting law, uniform convergence.
Invited Discussions
  • Xue, L. and Zou, H. (2013).
    Invited Discussion of "Large Covariance Estimation by Thresholding Principal Orthogonal Complements". (website, pdf)
    Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series B, 75: 672-674
  • Xue, L. and Zou, H. (2012).
    Invited Discussion of "Minimax Estimation of Large Covariance Matrices under L1-Norm". (website, pdf)
    Statistica Sinica, 22(4): 1349-1354