Center for Computational Mathematics and Application (CCMA)
Luncheon Seminar

Department of Mathematics,   Penn State University
Spring 2006

114 Mcallister Building
Fridays, 12:20pm-1:30pm

This informal 30-minute seminar is designed to allow students to meet and interact with CCMA researchers and outside visitors. While technically at an introductory graduate level, the seminar addresses front-line research problems.

01/13 Mingzhong Wu
Colorado State University
Spin Waves in Magnetic Thin Films
01/20 Weiqing Ren
Courant Institute, NYU
Introduction to rare events
01/27 Bernard Deconinck
Applied Math, University of Washington
Computing spectra of linear operators: an introduction.
02/03 Pierre Gremaud
North Carolina State University
Numerical investigation of vacuum formation in compressible flows. Introduction.
02/10 David Hoff
Indiana University
Introduction to Lagrangean Structure and Propagation of Singularities in Multidimensional Compressible Flow
02/17 Xiantao Li
Penn State
Introduction to molecular dynamics
02/24 Edward Green
Economics, Penn State
Pairwise trade, money holdings, and the geometric probability distribution
03/03 Vincent Crespi
Physics, Penn State
What do carbon nanotubes, pineapples, cacti and magnets on bearings have in common? Rotons, solitons and dynamical phyllotaxis in a magnetic cactus.
03/17 Yuxi Zheng
Penn State
Conservation Laws and Multi-d Shock Wave Theory.
03/24 Wen Shen
Penn State
Discontinuous ODEs and applications
03-31 Helge Holden,
About the Abel Prize; with special focus on Peter Lax, Abel Laureate 2005
04/07 Alberto Bressan
Penn State
The ski, the swing, and locomotion in fluids
04/14 Yanxi Liu
School of Computer Science, Penn State
Computational symmetry: Frieze and Wallpaper Groups and their applications
04/21 Eric Mockensturm
Mechanical Engineering, Penn State
On The Nonlinear Mechanics of Carbon Nano-Structures Using The Consistent Atomic-scale Finite Element Method
04/28 Jerry Bona
University of Illinois, Chicago
Introduction to dispersion in nonlinear wave equations
05/05 Michael Shearer
NC State University
The modified KdV-Burgers equation: shocks and traveling waves.

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