Center for Computational Mathematics and Application (CCMA)
Luncheon Seminar

Department of Mathematics,   Penn State University
Fall 2006

114 Mcallister Building
Fridays, 12:20pm-1:30pm

This informal 30-minute seminar is designed to allow students to meet and interact with CCMA researchers and outside visitors. While technically at an introductory graduate level, the seminar addresses front-line research problems.

09/08 Eliot Fried
Mechanical Engineering, Washington University
Tractions, balances, and boundary conditions for nonsimple materials
09/15 Victor Nistor
Department of Mathematics, Penn State
Quasi-optimal meshes in three dimensions
09/22 Suzanne Lenhart
Department of Mathematics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Introduction to optimal control
09/29 Qiang Du
Department of Mathematics, Penn State
Blind Men and an Elephant - a story of implicit representation of geometry and topology
10/06 Mary Wheeler
The Texas Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics,
University of Texas at Austin
What does success mean to you?
10/13 Luis Chacon
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Harnessing fusion power on Earth: impact of algorithmic research
10/20 Alberto Bressan
Department of Mathematics, Penn State
Logarithmic spirals and the control of forest fires
10/27 Tong Li
Department of Mathematics, University of Iowa
Introduction to Critical Thresholds in Relaxation Systems
11/10 Panayot Vassilevski
Center for Applied and Scientific Computing, University of California
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Recursive multigrid cycles based on preconditioned conjugate gradients
11/17 Peter Monk
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Delaware
Introduction to Inverse Problems
12/1 Nick Costanzino
Department of Mathematics
Penn State University
Introduction to Multidimensional Conservation Laws
12/15 Seunghoon Bang and Yuxi Zheng
Department of Mathematics
Penn State University
Shock wave theory of gases: an introduction

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