Computational and Applied Mathematics
Luncheon Seminar

Department of Mathematics,   Penn State University
Fall 2005

114 Mcallister Building
Fridays, 12:20pm-1:30pm

This informal 30-minute seminar is designed to allow students to meet and interact with CAM researchers and outside visitors. While technically at an introductory graduate level, the seminar addresses front-line research problems.

09/02 Mauro Maggioni
Yale University
From the heat equation to Fourier modes and Wavelets on R^n, manifolds and graphs
09/09 Chun Liu
Penn State
Elastic Complex Fluid
09/16 Alberto Bressan
Penn State
High Order Approximation of Conservation Laws by Vanishing Viscosity
09/23 Andrew Belmonte
Penn State
Surface fracture in viscoelastic fluids
09/23 Constantin Bacuta
University of Delaware
Uzawa Algorithms. A Multilevel Approach
10/07 John Osborn
University of Maryland
Approximation Results for Meshless Methods
10/14 Donald Estep
Colorado State University
Accounting for stability: a posteriori error estimates based on residuals and variational analysis
10/21 No Seminar
No Seminar
10/28 Thomas F. Russell
National Science Foundation - DMS
An informal discussion of NSF Division of Mathematical Sciences programs and proposals
11/04 Jinchao Xu
Penn State
Mathematical and Computational Studies of Fuel Cell Dynamics
11/11 CongMing Li
University of Colorado
Some methods in non-linear analysis
11/18 Pavel Bochev
Sandia National Lab
Principles of compatible discretizations
12/02 Kris Jenssen
Penn State
Vacuum formation in compressible flow

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