Computational and Applied Mathematics
Luncheon Seminar

Department of Mathematics,   Penn State University
Fall 2004

106 Wartik Building
Fridays, 12:20pm-1:30pm

This informal 30-minute seminar is designed to allow students to meet and interact with CAM researchers and outside visitors. While technically at an introductory graduate level, the seminar addresses front-line research problems.

Future schedule: Spring 2005

09/10/04 Ronghua Pan
Georgia Tech
On porous media flows
09/17/04 Lyle Long
Building A Computational Science Community
at Penn State
09/24/04 Long Chen, Penn State
Stability and Accuracy of Adaptive Discretization for Convection Dominated Problems
10/01/04 Qiang Du, Penn State
Robust and Quality Unstructured Mesh Generation
10/08/04 Robin Yong
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Waves and their Interactions in Conservation Laws
10/15/04 Jerrold Bebernes
University of Colorado, Boulder
Existence-Nonexistence for Steady-State Problems associated with Thermo-viscous Shear Band Formation
10/22/04 Alexei Novikov
Penn State
Boundary layers at high Peclet numbers
10/29/04 Helge Holden
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Reservoir simulation: a small glimpse
11/05/04 Howie Weiss
Penn State
A Unified Approach (and a Fast Algorithm) to Wavelet Regularity Via Thermodynamic Formalism
11/12/04 Chi-Wang Shu
Brown University
Introduction to discontinuous Galerkin Method
11/19/04 Igor Aronson
Argonne National Laboratory
Introduction in Physics of Granular Materials: Experiments, Theory and Simulations
12/03/04 James Wang
Penn State
Intelligent Annotation and Retrieval for Very Large Scale Image Databases

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