Computational and Applied Mathematics Luncheon Seminar,
Fall 2003



Penn State University, Department of Mathematics
41 McAllister Building (basement)
Friday, 12:15pm-1:15pm
09/12/03Russel Caflisch
Mathematics for Crystal Growth
09/19/03 Randolph E. Bank
Multilevel methods from Fourier to Gauss
09/26/03 Michael Vogelius
Rutgers University
Second order elliptic PDE's with nonlinear Neumann boundary conditions. An appetizer.
10/03/03 Peng Yu
Penn State
Introduction to Grain Growth
10/17/03 Josh Gladden
Penn State
Ultrasound Study of Thin Films
10/24/03 Pablo Laguna
Penn State - Astrophysics
Numerical simulations of black holes without black holes
10/31/03 Carsten Carstensen
Vienna University of Technology
History and Future of Averaging Techniques in Finite Element Error Analysis
11/07/03 Gino Biondini
Ohio State University
11/14/03 Long Chen
Penn State
Optimal triangulation and related problems
12/05/03 Natasa Pavlovic
IAS & Princeton
Finite time blow-up for a dyadic model of the Euler equations